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Treatment Programs for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

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Are you or a loved one struggling with drug and alcohol addiction? Do you need help finding good treatment? We understand how painful and inescapable it can feel. But the reality is this: addiction treatment works and recovery is within reach.

At CleanSlate, we offer outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) using proven medications, delivered with compassion. Our treatment is uniquely tailored to match your individual background, needs, and goals, combining behavioral health treatment and comprehensive care coordination to support your recovery journey.

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Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

Our Opioid Addiction Treatment Program uses the latest FDA-approved medications to help you overcome opioid dependency. We offer buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone, Zubsolv), a combination that reduces cravings and blocks the effects of opioids. For those seeking a long-acting solution, buprenorphine injectable (Sublocade, Brixadi) provides constant medication levels, supporting recovery without the need for daily pills. Additionally, naltrexone (Vivitrol, Revia) is available for patients who have detoxed, blocking opioid receptors to prevent opioids from having their usual effects. Our tailored approach ensures you receive the best care suited to you individual needs. 

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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program utilizes FDA-approved medications to support your recovery journey. We offer acamprosate (Campral), which restores brain balance and helps maintain abstinence, promoting long-term sobriety. Disulfiram (Antabuse) deters alcohol use by producing unpleasant effects when alcohol is consumed. Topiramate (Topamax) reduces the pleasure associated with alcohol, decreasing cravings and minimizing relapse risks. Naltrexone, available in oral tablets or injectable Vivitrol, blocks the intoxicating effects of alcohol, further reducing cravings and supporting your recovery. With our customized approach, we ensure that your treatment plan aligns with your unique needs and goals.

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Behavioral Health Treatment 

Substance use disorders often co-occur with mental health disorders, making it essential to treat both simultaneously for effective recovery. CleanSlate Centers’ integrative care model addresses anxiety, depression, and trauma, providing comprehensive support. Our behavioral health treatment helps you develop coping mechanisms to manage your thoughts, feelings, and actions, promoting long-term recovery and overall well-being.

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Pregnancy and Addiction Treatment 

To protect both your health and your baby’s, CleanSlate Centers offers specialized addiction treatment services for pregnant women. We help you overcome opioid dependence and manage your medication to ensure safety and well-being for both you and your baby. Our experienced team is here to answer your questions and provide the comprehensive care you need.

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Nicotine Addiction Treatment

At CleanSlate Centers, we offer effective treatment for nicotine addiction to help you quit smoking and improve your overall health. Our program includes FDA-approved medications and behavioral health support tailored to your needs. We provide personalized strategies to manage cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and promote long-term smoking cessation. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you achieve a smoke-free life.

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Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C is prevalent among injecting drug users, especially those using opioids. CleanSlate Centers is a leader in cutting-edge research on Hepatitis C and addiction treatment. We offer comprehensive screening and treatment for Hepatitis C, achieving an almost complete cure rate. Our dedicated team uses the latest advancements to ensure you receive the best possible care, helping you manage and overcome Hepatitis C alongside your addiction treatment.

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Fentanyl Withdrawal Management

Our specialized approach uses low-dose buprenorphine induction, also known as buprenorphine microdosing, to effectively manage fentanyl withdrawal. This innovative method minimizes discomfort and allows patients to transition smoothly into recovery with reduced risk of relapse.

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Harm Reduction

We prioritize harm reduction by offering low-threshold interventions, making Narcan readily available, and providing continuous support regardless of circumstances. Patients are never discharged for THC use, allowing us to focus on their overall recovery journey and connect them with referrals and resources for comprehensive care and support.

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Care Coordinators

Care Coordination

CleanSlate Care Coordinators are dedicated to supporting your recovery by assisting with essential needs such as transportation, employment, medical referrals, food, and housing. We ensure you have the resources and support necessary for a successful and sustainable recovery journey.

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The CleanSlate Way

We recognize that drug addiction, substance abuse, or substance use disorder, is a disease of mind, body and spirit, that it doesn’t discriminate—touching people from all walks of life—and that every patient is a unique individual. That’s why we craft an individualized treatment plan for you. Our approach is holistic—treating the whole person, rather than just the substances or symptoms alone—and integrative, combing medication with counseling, community, and long-term recovery support. Toward these ends, we are guided by four pillars of care:

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Our approach combines medication-assisted treatment using FDA-approved medicines with behavioral healthcare. This combination provides safe and effective treatment for opioid and alcohol dependence, helping to reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms and promote long-term recovery.


Outpatient individual and group therapy, in-person or through telehealth, will help you build a life in recovery treating your addiction. We also use counseling to treat co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar, trauma and PTSD. Further you will develop coping skills to manage your thoughts, emotions and actions.


CleanSlate Care Coordinators will assist you with transportation, refer you to community medical and mental health providers, if necessary, to help you in your job search, and direct you to community services for food, housing and utility payments, as needed.


Certified Recovery Specialists will be by your side, offering guidance, support and inspiration as you set out on your recovery journey. These are people in long-term recovery themselves, who know the experience of addiction and recovery inside and out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Treatment at CleanSlate

What types of addiction does CleanSlate treat?

CleanSlate specializes in outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder (OUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD). We also address secondary polysubstance use to provide comprehensive care for our patients.

What behavioral healthcare services are offered at CleanSlate?

Our behavioral healthcare services focus on treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. We help patients resolve past issues and develop coping strategies for the present. Our approach is integrative, uniquely tailored, and deeply personalized to meet each patient’s individual needs.

What additional health services does CleanSlate provide?

CleanSlate offers Hepatitis C (Hep C) screening and treatment, as well as smoking cessation programs. Our holistic approach ensures comprehensive care for our patients’ overall health and well-being.

How does CleanSlate manage fentanyl withdrawal?

We use low-dose buprenorphine induction (also known as buprenorphine microdosing) for fentanyl withdrawal management. This method minimizes discomfort and helps patients transition smoothly into recovery with a reduced risk of relapse.

Who provides care at CleanSlate?

Our care is provided by licensed addiction medicine professionals who are dedicated to delivering high-quality, compassionate treatment.

What is Care Coordination at CleanSlate?

Our Care Coordinators assist patients with essential needs such as transportation, employment, medical referrals, food, and housing. We ensure that patients have the necessary resources and support for a successful recovery journey.

What medications are used in CleanSlate's treatment programs?

We use FDA-approved medications including Buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone, Zubsolv), Buprenorphine Injectable (Sublocade, Brixadi), Naltrexone (Vivitrol, Revia), Acamprosate (Campral), Disulfiram (Antabuse), and Topiramate (Topamax). These medications are combined with behavioral healthcare to enhance treatment effectiveness.

Does CleanSlate offer treatment for pregnant patients with addiction?

Yes, CleanSlate offers specialized treatment for pregnant patients with opioid use disorder (OUD). Our programs are designed to provide safe and effective care for both the mother and the baby.

What is CleanSlate’s approach to harm reduction?

Our harm reduction strategies include low-threshold interventions, Narcan availability, continuous support regardless of circumstances, and a focus on overall recovery without discharging patients for THC use. We connect patients with referrals and resources to support their journey.

How many centers does CleanSlate have?

CleanSlate operates over 70 centers across the country, making it convenient for patients to access our services.

What payment options are available at CleanSlate?

CleanSlate offers flexible payment options, accepting commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. We strive to make our services accessible to everyone who needs them.

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