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Our Treatment Programs for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Outpatient Addiction Treatment to Meet Your Unique Needs

Do you need help finding outpatient addiction treatment? If you or a loved one struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, then you know how painful and inescapable it can feel. But the reality is this: addiction treatment works and recovery is within reach.

At CleanSlate, our mission is to bring you the best in evidence-based treatment for alcohol addiction, opioid addiction and related mental health disorders–delivered with dignity and compassion. You are not alone, and hope for a better life is available now.

One on one drug addiction treatment

Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

If you are struggling with addiction to opioids—such as prescription pills like Percocet and Vicodin, or heroin and fentanyl—we can help you break the cycle safely and effectively. Our expert team of addiction treatment professionals will create a opioid abuse treatment plan for your specific needs. Our outpatient addiction treatment program provides medication-assisted treatment using FDA-approved medicines.   Prescriptions are tailored to each individual’s care needs.  Our treatment may include:

      • Buprenorphine/Naloxone products such as Suboxone,  Zubsolv or generic
      • Buprenorphine injectable products such as Sublocade or Brixadi
      • Naltrexone products such as Revia or Vivitrol or generic
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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

If you have a drinking problem, if you struggle with alcoholism, alcohol abuse or alcohol use disorder (AUD), we can help you break your dependence, regain your freedom, and grow in a life of sobriety. Your individualized alcohol addiction treatment plan provides medication-assisted treatment using FDA-approved medicines. Medication helps reduce cravings and the risk of relapse, combined with behavioral healthcare to help you recover and rebuild your new life in sobriety.

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Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Programs

Most people who suffer from addiction, or substance use disorder, also face another co-occurring mental health disorder, like anxiety and depression, at the same time. As part of our comprehensive approach, we provide dual diagnosis treatment alongside addiction treatment.

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Pregnancy and Addiction

To protect your baby’s health and yours, as you receive treatment for opioid addiction, we offer women’s addiction treatment services. We will help you overcome opioid dependence and manage your medication to keep you and your baby safe and healthy. Our team is equipped with the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and provide you with the care you need.

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Nicotine Addiction Treatment

To help you finally break your dependence on tobacco or other forms of nicotine, we offer medication-assisted treatment for nicotine-use disorder. Combined with counseling and other forms of mental health treatment as part of the overall recovery process, this will help you cut down on cravings and help manage nicotine withdrawal.

Hepatitis C Virus. Medicine.

Hepatitis C Treatment

Intravenous drug use can lead to contracting Hepatitis C. CleanSlate provides Hep C screening and treatment. Treatment for Hep C is highly effective, with over a 90% cure rate.

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Get Help for Substance Use Disorder Today

The CleanSlate Way

We recognize that drug addiction, substance abuse, or substance use disorder, is a disease of mind, body and spirit, that it doesn’t discriminate—touching people from all walks of life—and that every patient is a unique individual. That’s why we craft an individualized treatment plan for you. Our approach is holistic—treating the whole person, rather than just the substances or symptoms alone—and integrative, combing medication with counseling, community, and long-term recovery support. Toward these ends, we are guided by four pillars of care:

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Our approach combines medication-assisted treatment using FDA-approved medicines with behavioral healthcare. This combination provides safe and effective treatment for opioid and alcohol dependence, helping to reduce cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms and promote long-term recovery.


Outpatient individual and group therapy, in-person or through telehealth, will help you build a life in recovery treating your addiction. We also use counseling to treat co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar, trauma and PTSD. Further you will develop coping skills to manage your thoughts, emotions and actions.


CleanSlate Care Coordinators will assist you with transportation, refer you to community medical and mental health providers, if necessary, to help you in your job search, and direct you to community services for food, housing and utility payments, as needed.


Certified Recovery Specialists will be by your side, offering guidance, support and inspiration as you set out on your recovery journey. These are people in long-term recovery themselves, who know the experience of addiction and recovery inside and out.

Start your life in recovery today.