Patient Instructions for Telehealth Appointments

Using Telehealth to Support Your Addiction Recovery

COVID-19 has disrupted many routines, but CleanSlate remains open and continues to provide uninterrupted access to addiction treatment.

We are treating new and existing patients through in-person and telehealth visits (as appropriate for the COVID-19 status of your community). We have maximized the use of remote treatment tools to provide patients with a safe, timely alternative to in-person care.

Please contact your LOCAL CENTER with question or to schedule a visit. 

What Does a Telehealth Visit Look Like?

If you are unsure what a telehealth visit will be like, rest assured – you will receive the same high-quality care you are used to receiving in person from CleanSlate. Digital tools can help you stay connected and engaged in your recovery when in-person visits are difficult. Contact your local center to find out if telehealth could be a good option for you.

The Importance of Continuing Addiction Treatment During COVID-19

Our world may be changing, but addiction is not. It is still a serious, often life-threatening disease that requires treatment even in the midst of a pandemic. COVID-19 can present an increased risk of complications for those battling addictions. Along with the greater physical risk for people with preexisting conditions, the stress surrounding the virus can lead to increased substance use to cope with feelings of anxiety, which can lead to relapse and even overdose. There are ways to cope and ensure you receive the care you need during this time. 

Find the CleanSlate center nearest you and talk to them about digital support, including telehealth visits and virtual support groups.

Patient Instructions for Telehealth Appointments