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We Collaborate Closely with Social Providers

Every day, CleanSlate fights the battle against addiction. But we don’t do it alone. CleanSlate works closely with partners throughout the community to save lives and create hope for the future. We work diligently to forge relationships and team up with other healthcare providers, counseling centers, health insurance networks, government officials, and local communities to coordinate in this fight. Together with our partners, we are expanding access to care in communities across the nation.


When a patient struggles to pay rent, the financial strain can cause stress that may result in serious health consequences. CleanSlate works with local programs in the communities we serve that offer affordable housing subsidies so that our patients can focus on their recovery.


CleanSlate often partners with 12‐step recovery programs that offer additional support to people struggling with substance use. While these programs differ slightly in their approach to treatment, they are proven to work for some individuals and can provide a lifeline of support with broad recovery networks in many of the communities we serve. Likewise, many 12‐step recovery program participants seek treatment at CleanSlate for their substance use disorder.


At CleanSlate, we understand and are committed to meeting the needs of diverse patients, treating every individual with respect for their values and culture. We realize that every facet of what makes a person unique affects their experience with the disease of addiction and will also influence their treatment and recovery. CleanSlate knows that working with specialty demographic organizations is a proven way to develop new strategies and resources to support our patients as well as their families. We partner with these groups to provide comprehensive recovery support that meets the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of our patients.


CleanSlate collaborates with educational institutions to help students overcome substance use disorders that can often prevent them from earning their degrees. We understand that many young people are first exposed to substances at school and we strive to educate and raise awareness of the disease of addiction so students can focus on making decisions that prioritize their education and life thereafter.


CleanSlate works with local harm reduction and needle exchange programs to reduce the transmission of hepatitis and HIV. We work with local programs to increase public knowledge around the dangers of substance use to reduce deaths and disease related to overdose and substance use. Research shows participants in syringe exchange programs are five times more likely to enter drug treatment programs at some point in their life and by providing these groups with information about treatment options and safer use we hope to encourage more people to seek recovery.


CleanSlate collaborates with homeless shelters to provide education and awareness resources and encourage those suffering from substance use disorder to seek treatment. We understand that people without homes who have substance use disorders experience significant barriers to treatment, so we work with local shelters to offer resources and solutions to obstacles such as fragmented care delivery, lack of mobility or transportation, disaffiliation or social isolation, access
to employment and housing, and more.


CleanSlate collaborates with ambulance services in local communities because we understand that first responders on the front lines are often the first point of contact for a person suffering from a substance use disorder. We partner with first responders to offer education and resources about how to care for patients with substance use disorders, including how to administer life‐saving medication in case of an overdose. By working directly with first responders, CleanSlate is able to decrease the time to service for potential patients and impact the local communities quickly and directly.


CleanSlate knows that family planning centers are sometimes the only exposure to the health care system that people suffering from substance use disorder experience. We often work closely with family planning centers to refers patients for help getting identification cards, insurance coverage, and help with other community resources. CleanSlate is proud to offer treatment for pregnant patients and often works hand in hand with local family planning centers to ensure patients in need have a comprehensive recovery plan that meets their needs and the needs of their family

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