Our Collaborative Approach

Opioid and alcohol addiction are chronic brain diseases that are best treated with a biological, psychological and social approach. CleanSlate understands that this requires close collaboration with community partners. We strive to be the partner of choice for healthcare providers, health insurers, government entities and communities in the collective fight against the disease of addiction.

Below are the types of partnerships we create at the national level and in every one of our operating communities to provide coordinated, flexible and innovative treatment:

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Social Services

CleanSlate works closely with partners throughout the community to save lives and create hope for the future. We work with a variety of social services including low-income housing, 12-step recovery programs, ambulance services, educational institutions, homeless shelters, family planning centers, and more.

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Law Enforcement

CleanSlate supports and works with Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice throughout a variety of communities. Some of the law enforcement entities we collaborate with include drug task forces, police departments, drug courts, and probation courts. See how we work with law enforcement entities to provide hope across the country.

Police officer leaning on car
Doctor talking to a patient at medical clinic.

Behavioral/SUD Health Providers

CleanSlate believes that to successfully treat substance use disorder, we need to treat the underlying conditions that lead a person to want to use, including the behavioral and mental health components of the addiction. We are proud to work with other substance use disorder treatment and behavioral health providers to ensure our patients have access to the resources they need along their recovery journey.

Health Care Providers

Medical Providers

Medical providers and CleanSlate collaborate to provide improved care to individuals who need it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Medical providers we work with include urgent care, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, primary care physicians, and many more. Visit our medical providers page and learn how to become a trusted partner today.

Health Care Providers
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We collaborate with national, regional and local government partners to connect patients with resources for health and family services, housing assistance and more. We also work to advance public policy to expand access to substance use disorder treatment and related programs.