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Medical Providers

Collaborative care coordination means better outcomes for patients.

Supporting Other Medical Providers

Substance use disorder is a wide‐reaching disease that permeates all aspects of a person’s life, including their health and the health care they receive. Because the disease affects physical, emotional, mental and behavioral health, the best treatment works collaboratively across different provider specialties. CleanSlate proudly partners with other health care providers to support patients along their recovery journey.

Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers are often the first point of contact when someone is experiencing a health issue. Often, people with substance use disorder require immediate medical attention. We have strong relationships with many urgent care centers in our communities and serve as a referral source for substance use disorder treatment.

Hospitals and Emergency Departments

Emergency departments are often called on to help people experiencing a drug overdose. Substance use disorder can also be identified as hospitalized patients receive medical treatment for other conditions. We work with hospitals and emergency departments to provide education around administering medicines for overdose and identifying people struggling with addiction. It’s important for all members of the medical community to be well‐versed in the signs and symptoms of the disease and to know how to help.


When a patient is in recovery, they need to be reassured they will be able to access their prescribed medication when they need it. We work with many national, regional and local pharmacies to ensure our patients have access to their medication in a convenient location.

Primary Care Providers

We’re proud to partner with primary care providers to ensure comprehensive treatment plans for patients in recovery. We have strong relationships with many providers in the communities we serve and are a trusted resource for information about substance use disorder, medication‐ assisted treatment and behavioral health support. Primary care providers often identify early signs of an addiction and talk with those patients about treatment options to help them regain their independence. We are thankful for the important role primary care providers play in identifying substance use disorder and supporting patients in their recovery journey.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Federally Qualified Health Centers provide critical community‐based health care options through the Health Resources and Services Administration. Nonetheless, these programs often have limited resources. We partner with FQHCs to provide additional support for their patients, including medication‐assisted treatment and mental and behavioral health support for cooccurring conditions.

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