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Bridging Gaps in the Criminal Justice System

A substantial portion of the U.S. prison population have drug‐related offenses. Law enforcement officers are on the frontlines of emergency response and often called to handle situations involving people struggling with addiction. CleanSlate prioritizes partnerships with law enforcement and criminal justice departments to bridge gaps in knowledge about the realities of addiction and benefits of treatment. We work closely with law enforcement agencies to raise awareness, combat harmful stigmas and provide information about addiction treatment options.

Drug Task Forces

Drug task forces work in conjunction with numerous federal agencies and target drug trafficking organizations in communities across the country. CleanSlate strongly supports these efforts to combat illegal drug suppliers who distribute dangerous and often lethal substances. We partner with drug task forces to provide treatment resources and education to help combat stigma.

Police Departments

Police departments are often overutilized and understaffed. CleanSlate recognizes the overwhelming pressures faced by police officers and works as a trusted resource for information about effectively combatting the disease of addiction. We work alongside police agencies of all sizes to educate officers on the science of addiction and the medical and behavioral support required to successfully treat the disease.

Drug Courts

Drug courts are an important part of the judicial system, granting people with drug‐related offenses the opportunity to engage in treatment and repair their lives. Drug courts are relatively new in the criminal justice system and reflect the changing attitude and understanding around effective ways to support people struggling with addiction. Drug courts grant individuals otherwise facing incarceration to assume accountability and seek treatment for their addiction. Patients referred to us by drug courts often go on to resume their lives as active members of their communities – returning to school, reuniting with their families, finding employment and paying taxes.

Corrections Departments

We assist corrections departments by advocating treatment for people with drug‐related offenses. We work with all subsets of the correctional system, serving as a resource for information about the disease of addiction and its impact on mental and behavioral health. We are able to provide treatment options for people with drug charges and work alongside corrections departments to assist in ensuring these individuals receive the help they need so they can be successfully reintegrated into the community.

Probation and Parole Departments

We work with probation and parole departments to provide treatment solutions for individuals sentenced to serve probation or released from incarceration on parole. Probation and parole officers ensure clients follow the rehabilitation and treatment conditions of their release and have a unique opportunity to guide people struggling with substance use disorder. We have good relationships with the probation and parole departments in our communities and are happy to support their officers in the communities we serve.

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