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Harm Reduction

CleanSlate’s Philosophy of Harm Reduction

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of addiction, you’re not alone. At CleanSlate, we understand that the path to recovery is unique for everyone. We’re here to offer support that respects your individual journey and needs.

Our harm reduction approach is designed to provide not just treatment, but a network of support and understanding, ensuring that you feel safe and valued every step of the way. Let’s work together to find a way forward that makes sense for you.

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Our Commitment to Harm Reduction

At CleanSlate, we are an outpatient addiction medicine practice that uses harm reduction strategies to help you stay on your recovery journey. Our approach is designed to offer practical and compassionate solutions that respect your personal challenges and support your progress. Here’s how we put our philosophy into action:

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Low Threshold Interventions

Easy access to treatment that starts where you are, not where others think you should be.

Narcan Availability

We provide Narcan to patients at risk to help prevent the consequences of overdose, ensuring your safety first.

Continuous Support, No Matter What

Relapses or positive urine samples don’t mean the end of your treatment with us. We stand by you through ups and downs.

Tolerance Toward THC

We won’t discharge you for a positive THC test. We focus on your overall journey to recovery, not just the bumps along the way.

Comprehensive Care Coordination

From housing and employment assistance to transportation and food stamps—we’re here to support all aspects of your life.

Referrals and Resources

Need additional services? We’ll help you find resources like clean needle exchanges, safe injection sites, and fentanyl test strips.

Your journey to recovery is yours to own, but you don’t have to walk it alone. 

Services We Don’t Offer, But Will Help You Find

Addiction health service offerings

Needle Exchange

CleanSlate does not offer needle exchange services.


Fentanyl Test Strips

We do not provide fentanyl test strips.


Medication Without Oversight

We ensure all medication is used appropriately and medically verified.


Harm Reduction Facility

We are primarily an addiction treatment provider with a focus on outpatient care.


Safe Injection Sites

CleanSlate is not a safe injection site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Harm Reduction at CleanSlate

What is harm reduction at CleanSlate?

Harm reduction at CleanSlate involves a set of strategies aimed at reducing the negative consequences associated with drug use. We prioritize your safety and health by providing practical support and medical care that meets you where you are in your recovery journey.

Will I be discharged if I relapse or test positive for substances?

No, CleanSlate is committed to supporting you through all stages of recovery. You will not be discharged for relapsing or for a positive drug test. Our focus is on continuous support and adapting our treatment to help you succeed.

What kind of support services does CleanSlate offer?

We offer comprehensive care coordination that includes assistance with housing, employment, transportation, and accessing food stamps. Our goal is to address all factors contributing to substance use, ensuring a holistic approach to your recovery.

Does CleanSlate provide fentanyl test strips?

No, CleanSlate does not provide fentanyl test strips. However, we can assist you in finding local resources where these are available.

How does CleanSlate ensure medications are used properly?

At CleanSlate, all medications prescribed are closely monitored to ensure they are used safely and effectively. We conduct regular medical assessments to verify that any prescribed medication is contributing positively to your recovery process.

Does CleanSlate provide Narcan?

Yes, CleanSlate provides Narcan (naloxone) to patients at risk of overdose. This life-saving medication can quickly reverse an opioid overdose, and we ensure it’s available to those who may need it.

Does CleanSlate have a policy on THC?

CleanSlate maintains a tolerance toward THC use. We understand that recovery is a complex journey and do not discharge patients for testing positive for THC.

Can CleanSlate help me find needle exchange programs or safe injection sites?

While CleanSlate does not provide needle exchange services or operate safe injection sites, we can help you find local resources and services that offer these harm reduction options.

Is CleanSlate a harm reduction facility?

CleanSlate is primarily an outpatient addiction treatment provider that incorporates harm reduction strategies into our care models. We are not classified solely as a harm reduction facility but integrate these principles to support recovery.

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