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Partnering with the Public Sector to Advance Addiction Treatment

At CleanSlate we recognize addiction is a complex problem affected by many other social services and systems. Together, addiction treatment providers and public sector agencies can improve understanding of the disease and increase access to treatment.

We collaborate with national, regional and local government partners to connect patients with resources for health and family services, housing assistance and more. We also work to advance public policy to expand access to substance use disorder treatment and related programs. Contact us to discuss a potential partnership.

State and Local Leaders

Governors and mayors across the country are seeing crippling addiction problems in the areas they serve. We partner with government officials at every level to develop plans addressing the needs of their communities. Our extensive network of harm reduction services can be a resource for government officials and improve understanding of the availability of supplemental social services.

State Agencies

Many factors can contribute to a person’s substance use habits, including access to reliable housing, transportation, health care and other social services. Often, people with substance use issues feel overlooked by state agencies that provide services to meet these basic needs. We work alongside state partners to improve understanding of the issues contributing to substance use and remove barriers to treatment.

Elected Officials

CleanSlate works with elected officials to advance policies improving access to substance use disorder treatment. We have partnered with many prominent political leaders to provide expertise around medication‐assisted treatment and the benefits of support for co‐occurring mental and behavioral issues.

VA / Veterans’ Services

We firmly support the expansion of substance use disorder treatment access for veterans. Many veterans who have seen combat experience co‐occurring mental and behavioral health disorders such as PTSD and anxiety. CleanSlate is honored to provide treatment for active duty military and veteran populations and has established partnerships with local veterans’ organizations to offer support within the areas we serve.

Family Services

Family services organizations help support families through life’s transitions and challenges. They connect people with a wide range of support and helpful resources, including addiction treatment options for those needing help with recovery. CleanSlate is proud to have strong relationships with family services providers across the many states we serve.

Departments of Public Health

Substance use disorder can profoundly impact the overall public health of a community and contribute to other problems such as hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, STDs, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and more. We partner with public health departments to understand the landscape of issues contributing to and affected by substance use disorder in the areas we serve. By better understanding our communities, we can provide more effective treatment to people in need.

Zoning & Planning

Addiction does not discriminate – it can reach people of every socioeconomic status. We work with zoning and planning officials to determine appropriate and beneficial locations for our centers so we can have a profound impact on combatting addiction in the communities we serve.

Correctional Facilities

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates at least 65% of the U.S. prison population has an active substance use disorder. We recognize that many people who are incarcerated have limited access to treatment options and often need assistance with recovery upon their release. CleanSlate has strong relationships with case managers and works closely with correctional facilities to provide thir services and support to potential patients upon release.

Medical Associations

Many of our providers are active in local, regional and national chapters of medical associations such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Medical Association. CleanSlate employees are active in associations and committees working to advance addiction medicine science. Our medical association partnerships provide mutually beneficial outcomes for our partners and providers.

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