CleanSlate Centers, National Addiction Treatment Group, Releases Statement from Medical Expert on Unprecedented 213% Surge in Overdose Deaths Among Black Men

by | Feb 10, 2022

Cision logoBRENTWOOD, Tenn., Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CleanSlate Centers— a leading, national medical group that provides physician-led, office-based treatment for individuals suffering from mental health, substance and alcohol use — has issued a statement by Dr. Stephen Popovich, Area Medical Director of CleanSlate Centers (CleanSlate) Richmond, Virginia region, in response to a new Pew Research Center analysis of CDC data. The analysis revealed a 30% increase in overall drug overdose deaths in 2020 than the year before and a 75% increase over the previous five years, of which black men had the most significant growth.

These findings are especially alarming given that as recently as 2015, Black men were much less likely to die than white men. This demographic is now on par with American Indian or Alaska Native men, which are considered the most likely populations to die from overdoses. Additionally, since 2015, the death rate among Black men has more than tripled, rising by a staggering 213%, while rates among men in every other major racial or ethnic group have increased at a slower pace.

“As Pew’s analysis indicates, the opioid crisis spans across all populations and regions, with Black men now becoming the most likely group to die from an overdose in the United States,” said Dr. Stephen Popovich, Area Medical Director of CleanSlate Richmond, Virginia region. “Addiction is a disease which affects people of all races, ethnicities, geographic locations, sexual orientations and gender expressions. We, as treatment providers, must understand the importance of administering services and prevention programming that are welcoming to everyone suffering from addiction and substance use disorder, and mentally ill. Often, we find that addiction does not live alone and may be associated with a dual diagnosis, such as bi-polar depression or schizophrenia, and is why we provide medical, counseling, community and recovery services to take a comprehensive and individualized approach to treatment in a safe, judgment free environment that is open to everyone – including Black men.” Since 2009, CleanSlate has treated over 110,000 patients struggling with addiction and is committed to meeting the needs of this demographic to prevent more overdose deaths through clinically proven treatments such as medically-assisted treatment and behavioral health-focused therapies. The organization has 80+ centers across the country, reaching patients in 10 different states and rapidly expanding to meet the national need for addiction treatment services.

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About CleanSlate Centers CleanSlate is a national medical group that provides physician-led, office-based treatment for individuals suffering from opioid and alcohol use disorders. Founded in 2009 in response to the growing opioid epidemic, CleanSlate has grown to become an industry leader in high-quality, evidence-based care, providing medication-assisted treatment and related therapies to those suffering from the chronic disease of addiction. CleanSlate’s extensive footprint of centers is growing rapidly to meet the demand for its medical services in states struggling with the opioid crisis throughout the country. To learn more visit