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Care Coordination at CleanSlate

 At CleanSlate, we understand that focusing on your recovery from addiction can be challenging when you have many other parts of your life to manage. That’s why we’re here to help. Our comprehensive care coordination services ensure that you can fully concentrate on your recovery, while we help you sort out some of these other areas.

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Care Coordination Support Services

Where needed and available, we can help you find:

Child care services

Childcare, Insurance, and Transportation

We assist in securing reliable childcare, enrolling in appropriate insurance plans, and obtaining necessary transportation for treatment and daily activities.

Basic Needs and Employment

Provide support for procuring essential items such as food, shelter, and clothing, alongside helping you gain employment and financial stability.


Find opportunities for continuing education to enhance your skills and qualifications.

Additional Healthcare

Coordinate healthcare appointments with primary care providers, psychiatrists, and mental health services.

Government Assistance

Help with applying for government assistance like disability and food stamps.

What is a Care Coordinator?

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A Care Coordinator at CleanSlate supports you by working with the treatment team and other staff. They identify your needs and connect you to community resources and services. Care Coordinators keep communication smooth with everyone involved in your care, helping you reach your recovery goals.

Hands of care coordinator doing finances for patients
Addiction health service offerings

Roles and Responsibilities of a Care Coordinator

Care Coordinators at CleanSlate have many responsibilities to support your recovery. We can assist in various areas of your life, including:


Physical Health


Mental Health


Social Support


Legal Concerns






Employment Support


Safe and Stable Housing


Basic Needs



Identify and Address Your Needs, Strengths, and Barriers

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Identify and Address Your Needs, Strengths, and Barriers
  • We help you set recovery goals and find solutions to barriers.
  • We obtain the necessary permissions for referrals to make sure you get seamless service.
Care coordinator helping to sign documents
Facilitate Placement for Higher Levels of Care

We work with the treatment team to place you in different levels of care if needed.

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Maintain Documentation and Communication
  • We keep detailed records.
  • We manage your schedule to ensure consistent support.
  • We provide crisis intervention when necessary.

How Care Coordination Enhances Your Recovery

Our care coordination makes sure all parts of your recovery are covered. This includes combining medical, psychological, social, and rehabilitative services for effective care. Here’s how we help you:

Integrated Services

We coordinate withdrawal supervision, therapy, medication management, and support services to create a treatment plan just for you.

Continuous Communication

We ensure constant communication among healthcare providers, therapists, support groups, and community resources.

Smooth Transitions

We help you move smoothly between different treatment stages, like from inpatient to outpatient care, and provide ongoing support to prevent relapse.

Support and Advocacy

We help you access necessary services, navigate healthcare systems, and overcome barriers like financial or logistical challenges.

Benefits of Care Coordination at CleanSlate


Personalized Care

Treatment plans tailored to your unique needs


Enhanced Engagement

Increased involvement in your treatment through continuous support


Improved Outcomes

Better results due to comprehensive and integrated care


Sustained Recovery

Higher chances of long-term recovery with ongoing support and effective management of potential relapse factors

CleanSlate Care Coordinator in room with other professionals

At CleanSlate, our care coordination ensures that you get the support you need for a successful recovery journey. By addressing all aspects of your well-being, we help you achieve lasting recovery and improve your quality of life.

Take the first step towards comprehensive and compassionate care. Contact CleanSlate today at (833) 505-4673 to learn how our care coordination services can support your recovery journey and improve your quality of life. 

Care Coordination FAQ

What is care coordination in addiction treatment?

Care coordination in addiction treatment means organizing and managing various healthcare services to ensure you get comprehensive and effective care. This approach combines medical, psychological, social, and rehabilitative services to support your recovery journey.

What does a Care Coordinator do?

A Care Coordinator at CleanSlate supports you by working with the treatment team and other staff to identify your needs and connect them to community resources and services. They ensure smooth communication with everyone involved in your care to help you achieve their recovery goals.

What services are coordinated by CleanSlate's Care Coordinators?

CleanSlate’s Care Coordinators help coordinate a variety of services, including counseling, medication management, social support services, legal aid, employment support, childcare and transportation assistance, housing help, basic needs resources, and insurance and financial assistance.

What is the role of the community in care coordination?

Community plays a vital role in care coordination. CleanSlate Care Coordinators connect you with community programs like support groups, vocational training, and housing assistance.

Why is care coordination important in addiction treatment?

Care coordination is important because addiction treatment often needs multiple types of care. Coordinating services ensures all aspects of a patient’s needs are addressed, which improves engagement in treatment, enhances outcomes, and reduces the risk of relapse.

How does CleanSlate's care coordination help me?

CleanSlate’s care coordination helps you by providing personalized care, enhancing engagement, improving outcomes, and sustaining recovery.

How do Care Coordinators assess my needs?

Care Coordinators conduct thorough assessments of various aspects of your life, such as physical health, mental health, social support, legal concerns, transportation, childcare, employment support, housing, basic needs, and insurance. This helps identify your strengths, recovery goals, and any barriers to treatment.

How does CleanSlate ensure continuity of care?

CleanSlate ensures continuity of care by making smooth transitions between different stages of treatment, scheduling regular follow-up appointments, and providing long-term support. This helps maintain your recovery progress and reduces the risk of relapse.

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