20180906_095940 (1)The “Living the Mission” award is usually reserved for individuals, but I believed my whole team in Anderson, Indiana deserved this award. So I nominated them all!

Here’s why the entire Anderson team is Living the Mission:

Mari Glaser and Linda Delph are my two Care Coordinators. They speak and listen to patients day in and day out. They always treat each patient with respect and compassion while teaching them how to make their way through this new life of sobriety.  Mari and Linda both received the Respect and Compassion Always Award.

Lorie High and Susan Poole are my two MAs.  Each day, they do whatever they can to get a smile or a laugh from our patients. They are both so passionate about making sure that each patient is taken care of.  If that means creating opportunities for patients to open up,  or being there when patients just need a shoulder to cry on, they always take the time for these gestures. Lorie and Susan both received the Patients First Award.

Dr. Brenda Barker, Dr. William Wolfe and AP Kasie Powers are three of my four providers in Anderson. While we currently have an NP out on maternity leave, the other providers have gone the extra mile to make sure patients did not notice any difference in being short one provider. Dr. Wolfe is also helping out the Alexandria clinic two days a week. These three have put science and medicine to the test, making sure that patients have the medical care they need. Dr. Barker, Dr. Wolfe and Kasie have all received the Science and Medicine Matter Award.

Jasmine VanBuskirk and Misha Melson are the newest members of the Anderson location.  Both are MRs who have been with CleanSlate for a few months. I wanted to give them a nice welcome and remind them that we’re all in this together, so they have received the Together We Succeed Award.  It takes all team members to make CleanSlate successful. 

I am so grateful for the team that we have here in Anderson! Thanks to this wonderful group for Living the Mission.


 If you would like to nominate a warrior for an award or have any questions about the process, please contact Arlene Rivie at Arivie@cleanslatecenters.com 


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Julie Clifton

Julie Clifton is the Operations Center Manager for the CleanSlate center in Anderson, Indiana. CleanSlate is a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.