Communication went out this week regarding the passing of a former Warrior for Hope, Erin Cooley from Pittsfield, MA.  Erin was one of our very first providers here at CleanSlate, and she truly embodied the core values we hold dear, even before we put those values into words.  The memories shared from her friends and our colleagues remind us of the impact she had on our organization, our patients’ lives and humanity.  

Erin loved the Grateful Dead and was so full of life and light that she requested her friends and family to wear tie-dye to her funeral services. This is why we invite all CleanSlate team members, in the spirit of remembrance of a Warrior lost, to wear your most brightly colored tie-dyed article of clothing on what would have been Erin’s 9th anniversary as a CleanSlate team member, May 15, 2019. We know she would have loved this, as she loved this company and her patients.

If you do not own anything tie-dye, below is a DIY video using food coloring to make a tie-dye T-shirt. 



If you are interested, you can also order a shirt from an artist out of Tennessee called Tye-Dye Mary. This is the link to her website https://www.tyedyemary.com/ in which you can directly purchase one of her creations, or create a custom piece. 

This is a small way to pay homage to Erin whom we owe so much, and we hope our brightness reflects the positivity she radiated throughout her life. 


Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson is the Chief Human Resources Officer for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.