Earlier this year, the Culture Committee shared an idea to launch at our centers for any employee who wanted to participate in a fun activity.  The “Warrior Wins” jar is a receptacle for colleagues to write down memorable moments, accomplishments, new experiences, highlights, etc. on a piece of paper and place them in the jar. This helps document all the CleanSlate successes – both large and small – at your center throughout the year. At the beginning of 2020, you can read them all aloud to reflect on your victories as a team. 

Warrior Win Jar 3.21.19Christopher Olson, Center Manager in Waukesha, WI has shared what he and his team have been doing with their “jar” and it shows great Warrior Spirit!  He and his team have been utilizing the Warrior Wins ?jar? in their center to not only track employee wins, but they are encouraging patients to share their wins as well.

“I emptied the container and put all the patients’ accomplishments in my desk. They are all positive and empowering. I will track all the accomplishments throughout the year. I will check in with staff to see how they are coming along in tracking their wins. This is a great idea! Thanks for creating it.” – Christopher Olson

This is a great example of taking an idea and adding a new element to showcase our patients’ wins as well.  Our work is a collaborative effort and we should all celebrate our successes! It’s easy to forget to celebrate the wins in our day-to-day lives.  

Don’t forget to share these Warrior Wins with us at warriorsforhope@cleanslatecenters.com

Juliana Dalessandro

Juliana Dalessandro is the Manager of Organizational Culture & Engagement for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.