20180329_091721_1522333954126Here is someone for the Warrior Spotlight who I think rocks. Literally, she makes rocks for our outreach ? Jennifer Bauman is the creator of the CleanSlate Warrior rocks and I am proud she is one of ours in Merrillville.


Photo caption: Jennifer with her husband, Thomas Bauman (affectionately her “Tommy Joe”).  “We served in the Marine Corps together,” she says, “and we joke that we met in a foxhole! Twenty-six years later, still madly in love and soulmates.”
Here’s what Jennifer has to say about her rocks, which are actually shards of “slate.” Literally, clean slate.
“I enjoy using the rocks because I don’t believe people will forget us when on outreaches!  To me, it speaks.  When I hand them a ‘rock business card.’  I tell them, ‘You’re getting a piece of CleanSlate!’  Its a tremendous icebreaker and I believe it shows the business (prospective partner) that they are important! I love giving them to my patients. It’s something special that we discuss and use to talk about that ‘goal of whatever the milestone’ is. When they attain it, I put what they want it to say on it.” 
When asked to talk about herself, Jennifer is humble. She will tell you about the things she loves: her relationship with God; with her husband, Tommy Joe; with her children, and their devotion to serving their country. She will enthusiastically tell you about her passions, which is all about working with CleanSlate.
Jennifer never tires of cultivating ideas that will serve patients both collectively and individually.  She is personable and outgoing, but she never considered herself someone that would succeed at outreach. But she has.  As an “influencer,” Jennifer is a relationship builder and thinks of her outreaches as meeting a new friend. The rest comes naturally, as business and patient needs are explored.  
Jennifer’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. So, if you ask Jennifer to talk about herself, she will end up telling you how awesome you are or ask what she can do for you.
Jennifer is motivated and swears she bleeds green and blue! We are so lucky to have Jennifer as our very own rock star.
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Karen Bonner

Karen Bonner is the Center Manager for the CleanSlate center in Merrillville, Indiana. CleanSlate is a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.