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Brooke Feldman, the Center Manager for both our South Philadelphia and Memphis Street Centers was a Warrior for Hope years before even joining CleanSlate.  She has a tremendous passion for educating people about addiction and working every day to ensure patients needs are being met, in whatever capacity she can help. 

Brooke officially joined the CleanSlate team at the end of March 2019, but she has already had a tremendous impact in our Philadelphia centers.  For those unfamiliar with Philadelphia, it is an incredibly difficult area to build and foster relationships and connections if you are an outsider.  Thankfully, Brooke is from Philadelphia and has already built connections across the community and we are beyond lucky to have her advocate for our patients as tirelessly as she does.  Please read more about Brooke below. 

“I met Brooke through my Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) training, you see, she was one of my instructors.  Brooke has been an advocate in the addiction world for quite a while and she is also on the Board of Directors for Angels In Motion, the organization that I also volunteer with for outreach and CRS services.  So when I was telling Brooke, at some point, that CleanSlate was a cool company that really believes in harm reduction like we do, I told her about an opening for the Center Manager. 

Brooke didn’t seem interested at all because she’s not very fond of some of the for-profit clinics in the Philadelphia area.  One day, Dr. Hopper (Center Medical Director in Philadelphia) asked me if Brooke wouldn’t mind meeting with him so he could pick her brain for more information on Philadelphia and the way it seems to handle addiction.  It was a lucky day that when Brooke agreed to meet with Dr. Hopper that Dr. Fausnaught (Area Medical Director, PA) just so happened to be at the Memphis St. office as well. 

I had ordered a tray of Primo hoagies for that day because we had met with someone from another facility as well, although Brooke to this day thinks we bribed her with hoagies, for those of you not from Philly, Primo hoagies are the best in town.  So while sitting in the kitchen area with Brooke and the doctors I said lets just get the elephant out of the room, Brooke, they want you to work here and so do I.  ‘Doctors, get her’, and with that I walked out.  The rest is history, Brooke saw that I was spot on about CleanSlate being about harm reduction and we both love the concept and mission of CleanSlate.” – Veronica “Ronnie” Kaiser, Certified Recovery Specialist, Philadelphia 


Recently, Brooke was also a featured speaker on a National Public Radio (NPR) segment entitled What Happens After You First Get Sober“.  In this segment, Brooke speaks about her past, her own journey in recovery, and her dedication to helping end stigma and educate patients, family and friends about addiction. 


Brooke Feldman 1 5.23.19“Brooke was introduced to CleanSlate by Veronica “Ronnie” Kaiser in January of 2019.  Ronnie has been working as a CRS  for CleanSlate since the fall of 2018 and has proven to be a valuable member of our team.  She volunteers for Angels in Motion which has the vision of de-stigmatizing the disease of addiction and spreading love, understanding, and compassion. 

This is done by meeting people on the street where they are and working to get them into treatment.  As a board member of Angels in Motion and leader in the addiction treatment world in Philadelphia, Ronnie felt that Brooke would be a great fit with CleanSlate.  Brooke has proven to be that and so much more. 

Her harm reduction philosophy coincides well with CleanSlate’s Patients First philosophy.   Having overcome addiction herself, she naturally demonstrates Respect and Compassion Always for our patients and her tremendous leadership skills have proven her willingness to bring Everyday Innovation to the entire addiction community in Philadelphia.  

Brooke’s presence with CleanSlate is and will continue to be a tremendous lift for the addiction community in the Greater Philadelphia area.” – Todd Fausnaught, Area Medical Director, PA

Brooke, thank you for all that you do for our patients, CleanSlate and for exemplifying the Warrior Spirit

Juliana Dalessandro

Juliana Dalessandro is the Manager of Organizational Culture & Engagement for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.