IMG_0429.jpgOn February 8th and 9th, the second referral development for Cleanslate was held in Nashville, TN. Teams of Center Managers and Care Coordinators from every state in the country were present, as well as representatives from our executive leadership team. Nearly 70 participants took part in the two day event, learning skills related to developing referral relationships in our communities. Colleagues had an opportunity to meet face-to-face,  share their successes and challenges, and offer ideas and solutions. There were rousing discussions, healthy banter, tons of laughter and even a few chants!  The enthusiasm was contagious and palpable!

 I know I speak for the entire referral development team (Ellen Alexander, Cory McConnell, Sandra Anderson, Kaylene Frey) when I say that we were honored to facilitate this training. We sincerely enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with each  of our colleagues and were overcome by a deep sense of appreciate and gratitude for the hard work our teams put in every day to create access for those suffering from the disease of addiction. 
I am continually amazed by the depth of  dedication, innovation, compassion, and respect that our employees have for not only our patients, but for each other. Thanks to each of you for all you do.
Our team is looking forward to the futures trainings  and having the opportunity to work with each of you! 

Erica Kafka
Director of Learning and Development


IMG_0397.jpgGood afternoon,

I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend this training.

I wanted to share a little success story from today. I had a previously arranged meeting with a therapy group in Waukesha for today at 10am. I had met them at a Health Fair that I attended a couple of weeks ago.

I was able to use what I learned in training to set up referrals for us and this group with confidence. To be fair, I have been closing deals for years but I learned so much about CleanSlate and gained new ideas to help with my confidence. I left the meeting this morning with a formal plan for both of us as it relates to referrals and with a follow up for meetings scheduled to check on progress. This clinic is only 6 minutes from our site!!


Thank you again!!
Katrina Jenkins
Center Manager Waukesha 

IMG_0434.jpgThank you all so very much for the training you gave to us last week! It was so good to make new friends and to see the old ones! I especially enjoyed seeing those that initially trained me and gave me the tools to begin this journey!

I loved the opportunity to meet those at the corporate level who were genuinely as thrilled to meet all of us as we were to meet them! Shanna, I know you must be an “E”, so I feel in great company!

Erica, I want to thank you! I know I asked a lot of questions, but suddenly this conference gave us face to face access with the people who have all the answers and I got my answers!? This morning is a great example! I had an outreach which was scheduled for later in the month get switched for this morning! I was prepared! I always have a “go-go” box waiting to go, but I was also able to take with me a few extras–confidence that I absolutely knew what I was talking about! The meeting was with the “Gatekeeper” (Manager Emergency Services  of a hospital) who now has me set up for a luncheon with the Medical Director and 20 Staff Doctors for the hospital! I explained that we are abstinence-based and the patients are taking medications as prescribed in order to maintain their abstinence from opioids. The “Gatekeeper” told me they’re staffed to care 80 but are seeing 130+. I asked how many ER visits they average for those with substance abuse issues and she said 40-50 and I told her I bet that at least 50% of those are repeats! Her eyes got wide and said, “Yes!” She was extremely happy to get us that meeting! Please know that the training was fun and effective!

I sincerely love you all very much!?

Warrior Spirit!
Jennifer Bauman
Care Coordinator

I’d like to begin by saying that it was an amazing experience to have been at this conference. I have been to many in my 35+ years in management and found this to be the most interactive and informative one to date. It was great seeing some of the employees that had come through the HK site and to reminisce how our journey has brought us to where we are.

The tools that were given will help to save more lives as we begin to go out in our areas and spread the amazing work that we stand for at CS. It was great to be reminded that a “No” for today does not mean  a “No” for tomorrow or next week or even next month.

Anthony Joseph Santaniello; born January 1954, passed away July 2017My goal as a Warrior for Hope will be to break down the stigma surrounding this disease as I recently lost my brother (pictured right) this past July and my best friend’s son at the age of 17 in November.

I truly appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that went into this amazing conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

Linda A. Santaniello
Holyoke Center Manager




Anthony Joseph Santaniell; 1954 – 2017 

Erica Kafka