Please help us select this year’s best Warrior Halloween costumes by voting for your favorites now through Friday,  November 9. There were quite a few creative entries this year as our warriors showed their Halloween spirit throughout the country. 

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Scariest costume
  • Most creative costume
  • Costume best exemplifying the CleanSlate?s spirit
  • Best Group/department-themed costume

Submit one vote per category to Winners will be announced in the Warriors for Hope blog the week of November 12th. 

Pictured: Margarita Trevino, Care Coordinator & Deidre Eady, Medical Assistant/Medical Receptionist Location: Jacksonville, FL  Costumes: Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt of the Addams Family & Morticia Addams and Thing 

Pictured: Margarita Trevino, Care Coordinator & Deidre Eady, Medical Assistant/Medical Receptionist

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Costumes: Wednesday Addams and Cousin Itt of the Addams Family & Morticia Addams and Thing

 Winifred Sanderson 

Pictured: Heather Wardrop, People Services Coordinator

Location: Northampton, MA

Costume: Winifred Sanderson

Clown - Northhampton

Pictured: Jazlyn Villafane, Patient Supp. Agent II

Location: Northampton, MA

Costume: Clown 

 Pink Lady - Elkhart

Pictured: Erin Hillers, APC

Location: Elkhart, IN

Costume: Pink Ladies from Grease

Sally - Northampton

Pictured: Arlene Rivie, Engagement & People Services Specialist **(not participating in voting as contest organizer)**

Location: Northampton, MA

Costume: Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Pink Ladies - Indy East

Pictured: Donna Hagen NP, Alexandra Sanserino NP, Indira Hatcher MA, India Hollis CC, Tajuana Byrd CM, and Tosha Cowherd MR

Location: Indy East

Costumes: Pink Ladies & The Greaser

Powerpuff Girls - Pittsburgh

Pictured: Lori Wain, NP (pink) & Keshia Sharkey, Medical Receptionist (green)

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Costumes: Powderpuff Girls (Blossom & Buttercup)

 Incredibles - GlendaleIncredibles Back

Pictured: Front row: Brenda Bryson (CM), Angel Forbes (MA/MR), Dr. Greg Kaftan (MD), Nivea Taylor (MA/MR)

Back row: Ann LeBaron (PA), Laura Zeller (NP), Ronald Jones (MA/MR)

Location: Glendale, WI

Costumes: Incredibles – The services we provide are incredible and we thought it would be appropriate to reflect it as such! In back side of the shirts staff selected a word to reflect the services we provide.

Scrabble - Merrillville

Pictured: Gabriela Serban-MA/MR, Amanda Kent-MA, Jennifer Bauman-CC, Kumpol Dennison-Medical Director, Aaron Longale-PA, Karen Bonner-CM, Dayna Akey-MA/MR

Location: Merrillville, IN

Costume: SCRABBLE WARRIORS FOR HOPE! ?We had a great time this year coming together to work on a project! We represented our mission and values in all our scrabble boards and represented that we are all warriors for our patients. But most of all we had a great time with our patients today!!! Such a fun and inspiring environment today!?

Snow White Zombie - Scranton

Pictured: Clarissa Willson, Care Coordinator as Snow White Zombie, Megan Goretski, MA as SNEEZY, Linda Missel, CRS as GRUMPY, Tammy Malloy, Care Coordinator as HAPPY, Dr. Mark Bohn, Physician, as BASHFUL, Dominique Simon, MR, as DOPEY, Alisa Scarantino, Center Manager, as DOC Crystal Gillette, MA Trainer, as SLEEPY.

Location: Scranton, PA

Costumes: Snow White Zombie and her 7 Dwarfs

Emojis - Athol

Pictured: (Left to right back row) Security Guard Eric-Poop Emoji, Care Coordinator Anastasya-Babybelly Emoji, LDAC Amy – Silly Face Emoji, MA Sandy-Cool Emoji, NP Joanne-Surprised Emoji, Jacinta MR- Upside-down Emoji.

Location: Athol, MA

Costumes: Office Emojis

 Superman - JC

Pictured: Jonathan Candee, Expansion Business Partner

Costume: Super Man – Fighting Against the Disease of Addiction

Zombies for Hope - Lawrence

Pictured: Amy Gotham Center Manager, Jessica Mendonca MA/MR and Heather Geehan MA/MR.

Location: Lawrence, MA


Bears - Elkhart

Pictured: Angie Cox CC as a Panda, Meshia Evans MA/MR as a CareBear, Marisa Nyikos CM as Mrs. PotatoHead, Erin Hillers APC as a Pink Lady, Dr. Cammenga Center Medical Director as a Police Offer.

Location: Elkhart, IN

Costumes: Panda, CareBear, Mrs. Potato Head, a Pink Lady, and a Police Officer!

 Cat and Minion - Hartford

Pictured: Katie Strahowski, NP as a Cat & Rebecca Bailey, CMA-MR Minion

Location: Hartford, CT

Costumes: Cat & Minion

Flappers - Phoenix N

Pictured: Stephanie Nault MA, Cindie Corpus MA, Brittany Harrison MA, Erika Saretsky PA & Amy Magras CM

Location: Phoenix, AZ (North)

Costumes: ——

Candy - Springfield

Pictured: James Biscoe-CM, Jamie Chandonnet- APC, Sarah Pazos -MR, Erica Whitehead -MA/MR, Jose Montalvo- Care Coordinator, Margarita Randal- MA, Sheila Canales- MA

Location: Springfield, MA

Costumes: Candy! Reese?s, Now and Later, Sugar daddy and Twix.

Wilkes Barre

Pictured: Laurie Healey NP as dressed as CleanSlate?s very own Jim Beach, Kimberly Wills CRS as Nemesis Barbie, Dr. Jay Willner Medical Director as Phantom of the O.R., Carissa Taroli PA as Nancy from Nightmare on Elm St.

Location: Wilkes Barre, PA

Group - Northampton

Pictured: Ruth Avery as a Rooster, Danielle Wiggins as a Unicorn, Maricely Colon as a Cougar, Jazlyn Pagan as a Killer Clown

Location: Northampton, MA


Pictured: Anastasya Bruschi-DeJesus (CC), John Lentz (PA) , Suzanne Smith (Medical Director), Kathy Sylvester (NP), Cris Carl (LADC Supervisor), Maile Shoul (CM).

Location: Greenfield, MA

Witch - Northampton

Pictured: Madeline Chase, Retention Specialist

Location: Northampton, MA

Costume: CleanSlate Witch  

Arlene Rivie

Arlene Rivie is a People Services Business Partner for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.