Please help us select this year’s best Warrior Halloween costumes by voting for your favorites now through Friday,  November 15. There were quite a few creative entries this year as our warriors showed their Halloween spirit throughout the country.

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • NEW Best 90’s Cartoon-themed costume
  • Scariest costume
  • Most creative costume
  • Costume best exemplifying the CleanSlate’s spirit
  • Best Group/department-themed costume

Submit one vote per category to Winners will be announced in the Warriors for Hope blog the week of November 18th.

Ware Halloween 2019

Pictured: Ellen O’Neil LADC, Elisa Dos Santos RMA, Thomas Hewitt MD, Erica Teles NP

Location: Ware, MA


Indy East-1

Pictured: DaShawn Turman MA, Ardrienne Thompson NP, Alex Sanserino NP, Indira Hatcher MA, India Hollis CC, Bill Becker CM, Michell’e Lewis MA, Taylor Block MA.

Location: Indianapolis East, IN

Costumes: Indy East helps clean the slate!

Plainfield Halloween 2019

Pictured: Front row – Cora Kleiber-Plymate MR, Breanna Cardwell MA

Back row – Kristinia Love CM, Dr. Melissa Collier CMD, Donna Hagen FNP, Dr. Susan Burkholder

Location: Plainfield, IN

Costumes: Peace and love for our patients

Bloomington Halloween 2019

Pictured: 1st Row – Kendria Willis MA, Heather Elkins MA, Bridget Stillions FNP, Kayla Myers MR

2nd Row – James Evans CM, Dr. Richard Hon SMD, Kelsey Rush MR

Location: Bloomington, IN

Costumes: Bloomington Pirates of Hope

Bowling Green Halloween 2019

Pictured: Shonda Tibbs LCSW, Joni Furlong CM, Alexis Blackman MA, Susan Staples APRN

Location: Bowling Green, KY

Costumes: Bowling Green -Helping you get CLEAN at CleanSlate

Bethlehem Halloween 2019

Pictured: Alexis Winter MA/MR, Catherine Brady (Holder) MA/MR

Location: Bethlehem, PA

Costumes: The Rugrats (90’s Cartoon)

Lexington Halloween 2019

Pictured: Tiffany Hurst MA, Sandra Breeding NP, Julie Willis MA

Location: Lexington, KY

Costumes: The Animaniacs – 90’s Cartoon.

Wilkes Barre Halloween 2019

Pictured: Carissa Taroli, PA

Location: Wilkes Barre, PA

Costume: Mr. Top Hat from Nickelodeon’s “Are you Afraid of the Dark”

Plymouth Halloween 2019

Pictured: Karli Morse, MR

Location: Plymouth, MA

Costume: The day of the dead

Plymouth Halloween 2019 2

Pictured: Allyson Silva, CC

Location: Plymouth, MA

Costumes: Butterfly

Anderson Halloween 2019

Pictured: Candace Welch MA, Chelsea Caulk MA, Rachael Stonewall CM, Kaleigh Stewart MA, Jessica Bleyle NP, Katie Delph CC, Tessa McCoy NP, Julie Conroy MR, Natalie Hill NP, Brenda Barker CMD, Susan Poole, MA

Location: Anderson, IN

Costumes: C.O.W.S (Clinical Opiate Withdraw Scale) of Anderson

Juliana Halloween 2019

Pictured: Juliana Dalessandro, Manager of Organizational Culture & Engagement

Location: Northampton, MA

Costumes: Michael Scott – The Office

Wilkes Barre Halloween 2019 2

Pictured: Tashana McKinney MR, Laurie Healey CRNP, Jess Hare CC, Jim Beach CC, Dr. Jay Willner

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Costumes: The Addams Family

Lafayette Halloween 2019


Location: Lafayette, IN


West Springfield Halloween 2019

Pictured: Beth Rist, PA-C

Location: West Springfield, MA

Costume: Forrest Gump

Owensboro Halloween 2019

Pictured: Paige Tapp CM, Ashley Hagan MA

Location: Owensboro, KY

Costumes: Hook & Peter Pan “Don’t get hooked”

Elkhart Halloween 2019

Pictured: Erin Hillers

Location: Elkhart, IN

Costume: Helping CSC beat OUD Ref

Kenosha Halloween 2019

Pictured: Courtney Bain CM, Katy Wallner MA

Location: Kenosha, WI

Costumes: Cat Dog – 90’s Cartoon

Williamsport Halloween 2019

Pictured: Back row:  Tiffany Laubach MR, Mindi Nichols CCD, Amber Petty NP, Kassy Shenberger CC, Bernice Hans MA

Middle: Lisa Vollman CM, Heather Berry MA

Front: Dr. Fausnaught RMD holding Bo (Kassy’s son)

Location: Williamsport, PA

Costumes: Care Bears and the Villain that stole the pineapple!

Worcester Halloween 2019

Pictured: Back Row L to R: Shamika Walker Extern, Whitney Dacosta MA/MR “Sunday”, Shelley Modzeleski ACM “Monday”, Ashlee Erti CC “Tuesday”, Arianna Vazquez MA/MR “Wednesday”, Emily Quiles Temp “Thursday”, Charlotte Esquilin MA/MR “Friday”, Priyanka Seth APC “Saturday” Front row: Heather Burke CRS

Location: Worcester, MA

Costumes: Shark Week

Nashville Halloween 2019

Pictured: Stephanie Steiner – Director of Customer Service & Cesar Molina Patient Support Team Lead

Location: Nashville, TN

Costumes: Roller Coaster Ride – Patient Support Team is “Helping to fight the ROLLER COASTER Ride of addiction”

Nashville Halloween 2019 2

Pictured: Anelys Dominguez, PSA

Location: Nashville, TN

Costumes: Scarecrow

Nashville Halloween 2019 3

Pictured: Andrea Argueta, PSA

Location: Nashville, TN

Costumes: Eeyore

Kokomo Halloween 2019

Pictured: Emily Byrd CM, Holly Durham MA/MR, Rob Lowe NP, Brooklyn Long MA/MR, Kathy Ehler NP

Location: Kokomo, IN

Costumes: WISHING everyone a FAIRY successful recovery

Alexandria Halloween 2019

Pictured: Natasha Bair, MA

Location: Alexandria, IN

Costumes: Nurse joy from Pokémon – 90’s Cartoon

Brentwood Halloween 2019

ictured: Carly Hunt, Accounting Clerk

Location: Brentwood, TN

Costumes: Cookie Monster

Northampton Halloween 2019

Pictured: (Blossom) Maricely Colon Workforce Admin, (Bubbles) Denisse Tougas Prior Auth, (Buttercup) London Brown SCA, Joshua Esteva QAM, (Meg Griffin) Sharon Wheeler QA Team Lead, (Addiction Monster) Madeleine Chase Eligibility & Referrals

Location: Northampton, MA

Costumes: Powerpuff Girls, Professor Josh, Meg Griffin & The Addiction Monster

Northampton Halloween 2019 2

Pictured: Anthony Wilson, PSA

Location: Northampton, MA

Costumes: King of Egypt

Phoenix Halloween 2019

Pictured: Karla Marrufo, RMA

Location: Phoenix, AZ N.40th

Costumes: Kitty

Phoenix Halloween 2019 2

Pictured: Tanya Deibler, MA

Location: Phoenix, AZ N.40th

Costumes: Cleopatra

Holyoke Lab Halloween 2019

Pictured: Steve Orozco IT, Eltahir I. Elbakri Lab manger, Dr. Patrice Ohouo Med Tech, Terry-Lee McCarthy Lab tech, Skelton Hard working lab tech, Allycen Lindsay Lab tech, Joann Jaronczyk Lab tech, Emanuel Adorno Lab assistant, Alyssa Hollander Lab tech, Ricardo Pacheco Lab Assistant, Adam Arriaga-Arroyo Lab assistant

Location: Holyoke, MA (Lab)

Holyoke Halloween 2019

Pictured: Richard Walas, IT Support Specialist

Location: Holyoke, MA

Costumes: IT dinosaur

Fort Wayne Halloween 2019

Pictured: Jen Solsbury NP, Amber Miller MR, Isaiah Cruz NP, Angelica Willyard MA/MR

Phalyshia Kohler MA/MR, Melyssa SCM, Krista Gessner MA/MR

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Costumes: Broken Crayons Still Color

Northampton Halloween 2019 3

Pictured: Kyle Hastings, Talent Acquisition Consultant and family

Location: Northampton, MA

Costumes: Curious George – 90’s Cartoon

Northampton Halloween 2019 4

Pictured: Heather Wardrop HRBP, Erin Henderson Senior HRBP, Arlene Rivie HRBP *(not participating in voting)*

Location: Northampton, MA

Costumes: Captain Marvel, Toby, Venom

Northampton Halloween 2019 5

Pictured: Arlene Rivie, HRBP *(not participating in voting as contest organizer)*

Location: Northampton, MA

Costumes: Venom

Arlene Rivie

Arlene Rivie is a People Services Business Partner for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.