A few months ago, we shared with you that the Compliance Team will be rolling out updated CleanSlate policies to the company as we prepare for CARF accreditation and state licensure requirements for all CleanSlate locations. 

We have several new or updated policies that have recently been approved that we will be sharing with you in batches over the next few weeks. This week we share new or updated policies from Marketing & Communications and People Services that are hyperlinked below. Please click on the policy names to review the full policy details and familiarize yourself with them. You can also access the Policy Folder on SharePoint via this link: https://cleanslatecenter.sharepoint.com/pages/home.aspx and clicking the Policy icon. 

policies-updateMarketing & Communications has developed a new company-wide Social Media Policy. This policy will protect the privacy, confidentiality and personal dignity of patients, families, employees and other customers by setting boundaries for what employees can and cannot share online; and empower employees to use social media tools by removing doubt regarding what is ?allowed? and what is not as part of their role with CleanSlate.

The People Services Team has rolled out a variety of new policies listed below: 

Verification Policy – Drug Screens: In compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, CleanSlate has a longstanding commitment to provide a safe, quality-oriented and productive work environment. Alcohol and drug abuse poses a threat to the health and safety of CleanSlate?s employees and to the security of the company?s equipment and facilities. For these reasons, CleanSlate is committed to the elimination of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace.

Verification Policy – Background Checks: In order to create a safe and secure workplace and to ensure that CleanSlate?s employees are qualified to perform the jobs for which CleanSlate hires them CleanSlate will conduct pre-employment screening, including criminal background checks, on all finalists.

Succession Planning Policy: Recognizing that changes in management are inevitable, CleanSlate has established a succession plan to provide continuity in leadership and avoid extended and costly vacancies in key positions.

Staffing PolicyCleanSlate is committed to employing the best qualified candidates while engaging in recruitment and selection practices that comply with all applicable employment laws. Authorization from the VP of Talent Acquisition is required to initiate any action for an open position, including recruitment expenditures, advertising, interviewing and offers of employment.

Performance & Salary Review PolicyThe performance appraisal process provides a means for discussing, planning and reviewing the performance of each employee. Performance appraisals influence salaries, promotions and transfers, and it is critical that supervisors are objective in conducting performance reviews and in assigning overall performance ratings.

Employee Engagement PolicyCleanSlate believes that a work environment that embodies a consultative and participative approach to engaging employees is vital to not only retaining seasoned professionals but is critical to the attraction of generations of employees who join the workforce with expectations that they will also be consulted on key issues and decisions impacting their career. CleanSlate believes that it is critical to the success of the business that there is a management culture of engaging employees in designing their future in line with our strategic priorities.

Any questions regarding the new company policies should be directed to the department listed on the policy.

If you have requests or suggestions for additional policies, please send them to compliance@cleanslatecenters.com   




Jessica Rigsby

Jessica Rigsby is a Paralegal in the Legal Division of CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.