Thank you to our Altoona, Pa. physician Jenna Stokes-Jenkins for sharing the below story with of one of her patient’s amazing stories of success. By working together with Dr. Stokes-Jenkins to follow the care plan, both doctor and patient were deeply moved by this monumental victory on the path to recovery. 

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“I just wanted to take a moment to share a touching story from one of my patients this evening. 

I am currently treating a woman suffering from alcohol dependence with naltrexone. 

This patient’s addiction has affected her entire family. Her main motivation currently to stay sober is her nine-month-old granddaughter. She wants this child to be part of her life and her addiction has separated her from doing this at times. 

It has also severed ties between her and her daughters as well as between her and her mother. Multiple generations of her family have been affected. 

This patient’s addiction was to vodka, and she shared with this me this evening that she previously hid vodka bottles all around her home and car. 

The other day, after a week on naltrexone, she found one remaining bottle that she had hidden. She and her fiancé, both suffering from alcohol dependence, took the bottle and dumped it out together. This was very hard for her to do. It was a loss of money as well as a loss of a crutch that helped her through many difficult times, yet she did it. 

She was so proud to tell me this story.  

She also told me that she is now talking to her mother and her daughters, and they have voiced how proud they are of her. She spent time this week with her grandchild and her stomach feels better than it has in years after avoiding any alcohol this past week. 

Her story brought tears to both our eyes. 

She knows that she has many mountains yet to climb and that every day is a struggle, but she is taking it one day at a time and celebrating the positives.”

Carol Fite Lynn

Carol Fite Lynn is the Director of Communications for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.