Thank you to our Altoona, Pa. physician Jenna Stokes-Jenkins for sharing the below story of her patient’s amazing story of transformation as she works toward recovery. By working together with Dr. Stokes-Jenkins to follow the care plan, both doctor and patient were deeply moved by this monumental victory on the path to recovery. 

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“We see progress with our patients every day; but one of our patients had a history of domestic violence and was so traumatized that her first few months of treatment, she barely spoke and would literally jump out of her chair in fear just when calling her name. 

Over the months, we have seen great progress from her, but this evening she came to me and told me how truly blessed she was to come to our office. 

Not only has she been sober from all illicit substances for now 12 weeks…

She appears to be a whole new person — dressed up, hair and make up done and very talkative, no longer fearful, walking in with her head held high, making eye contact throughout her visit. 

She reported to me because of speaking with many members of our office staff, she decided to apply for the job she wanted, got it, and is doing great! Previously she felt very guilt ridden and did not feel she deserved to work in this position because of her substance use. Now she recognizes the progress she has made in herself and realizes that she does deserve to be happy. 

She struggles with an abusive partner, but since coming to the office, she has set boundaries and is no longer being physically abused. 

She is also getting back on her feet financially and planning for her own place away from this partner. 

This was a great way to finish up a long Wednesday. 

Thank you to our office staff as every member supported this patient and helped her to see this was possible. 

This patient enjoys coming to our office and working with the staff so much, that she requests to stay on weekly visits for the added support.”

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Carol Fite Lynn

Carol Fite Lynn is the Director of Communications for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.