From the desk of Cory McConnell:
Hello from Louisville! When I checked in at a hotel tonight, I spent close to 40 minutes chatting with the lady at the desk, whose spouse is struggling in treatment. She is needing resources to help her, as well as to help him. I asked for her email and our exchange is below. I sent her Brian?s story from the blog, as well as some local Louisville resources too. Although the story on the blog didn?t have a direct resource for her locally, it was a story of encouragement and hope. Thanks for the content and for helping to give this woman hope.

 From Cory McConnell to Woman at Hotel Front Desk:
Thanks for being bold enough to share with me today at the front desk. I am impressed by your faith and strength to look for help, not just for your loved one, but for yourself. It sounds like you have been through some tough stuff along with him bouncing between methadone treatment programs. I would suggest you talk to another clinic in town, like we discussed ? not all programs are created equal, try the More Center, they might have a more robust and supportive program. From my interactions with them, I can tell you that their leadership treats people with dignity and respect!
  • MORE Center
  • SOS For Addictions  Here is a site that has a variety of self-help links throughout the city. They have a heart for families and loved ones suffering with addiction. Kim Hinkel might be able to direct you as she runs the site here locally- Kim Hinkel (502) 381-9023 or kimberlyhinkel@yahoo.com ? She is an amazing person. 
  • The Volunteers of America Mid-States (VOA) is great group that helps a lot of folks across the country. They are listed as one of the self-care groups on the SOSAddictions website. They are at 570 S Fourth St Suite 100 in Louisville and can be reached at 502-633-4533
  • Kentucky Reentry They have family and group programming and might be able to connect you even if your loved one is not incarcerated.
  • I have also heard that Nicole Dorza at the Cleanse Clinic is really good, too. 502-938-0511I don?t know her personally, but she came highly recommended. 
One of our team members on the East Coast, Brian, shared something recently on our blog on the issue of support resources for families that you might find helpful as well.  
If our team hears of any other options, we will forward them to you. Be blessed.
From woman at front desk to Cory McConnell:
Mr. McConnell:
Thank you so much for taking the time out to listen to me today and I know you can tell I really want help for my love one and myself if I just came out talking about the problem. I have been looking for someone I can just reach out to that will just listen and lead me and God sent you here for a reason and I believe that reason was me. Again I thank you more then you know for even listen and even taking time out to find me information for me and I will be getting in contact with some of these (organizations) first thing in the morning.
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