A few weeks ago, Rachael Morones, Center Manager, Anderson, IN was invited to attend a leadership luncheon where the keynote speaker was Allison Barber, PhD,  the newly hired President for the WNBA team Indiana Fever.  

Rachel MoronesDuring Rachael’s onboarding with CleanSlate, she learned that Anderson’s Center Medical Director, Brenda Barker, MD is an Indiana Fevers supporter.  Unfortunately, Dr. Barker was unable to attend the luncheon, but Rachael said she sat with her jaw dropped as she listened to the testimonies and topics Dr. Barber, a female leader, shared with the attendees. 

According to Rachael, “Her message is pertinent to all lives.  It was simply wrapped up with the words, ‘take it to the hoop’. Barber shared that though she started her career as an elementary teacher who always supplemented her income with other jobs, she never allowed her life to be restricted.”  Rachael drew correlation with this idea to Dr. Barker’s fight in this epidemic and how persistence and endurance is vital in our patients’ endeavor.

Dr- Barker

Rachael was so proud of the fact that she is able to “witness a female physician daily serve people on the ‘ground floor’ with kind words and compassion As of late, many articles I have read  speak of the power in mentorship. It is my belief, that mentorship can mean life or death to individuals.  Having one person believe in us and remind us of our value is vital.   

As Julie Clifton, Center Manager in Muncie shared on a phone call with me a few months ago, our roles at Clean Slate are to give constant assurance to others.  How true!”

This sense of assuring our patients that their lives have meaning and value is one of the most important notions we can pass along to them.  When we let our patients know that we believe in them and want them to succeed, it might be the first time they have heard such positive reassurances and it can truly make the difference.    

“Dr. Barker often is overheard by all staff and patients being a great coach to her patients with simple words like, ‘you got this’, ‘good job’, ‘congratulations’, on and on.  She is an example to others to keep in the game of LIFE.  

Thank you Dr. Barker for “taking it to the hoop”.  One day at a time.  One patient at a time.  One staff member at a time.  You are a Hoosier Hooper!” – Rachael Morones 

Pictured left (left to right): Center Manager, Rachael Morones, Allison Barber, President, Indiana Fever.

Pictured right: Dr. Brenda in front of the WNBA flag in her office.


Juliana Dalessandro

Juliana Dalessandro is the Manager of Organizational Culture & Engagement for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.