Dear CleanSlate Team Members,

It is with great pleasure I share with you some announcements on the Operations structure for the East Division.

Joan Erwin and Ellen AlexanderEllen Alexander (pictured on the right, with Joan Erwin, left) will be relocating to Nashville in the coming months to take on a position as Vice President of Operations.  In this new role, she will be responsible for three primary areas:  Referral Development, Expansion Operations, and Center Operating effectiveness.  We are very excited for Ellen?s contribution to these areas.  With her experience and skill set, we believe she will help us navigate the growth we strive for, both in expansion and in legacy markets. 

brian coonan-avatarBrian Coonan has been promoted to Regional Director of Operations over PA and CT.  He will also continue to oversee New Bedford, Plymouth, and East Boston.  Brian has done an excellent job in the past year embracing his responsibilities as Area Manager in Eastern MA.  He has done an excellent job providing operational support to his centers as well as referral development strategies which have driven growth within his market.  We are very excited for Brian and how he will contribute to this larger market within the Northeast.  Well done Brian!

GetPersonaPhoto-6Michelle L?Italien will be taking on the Regional Director of Operations over all MA (excluding Brian?s three centers).  Michelle has also done an excellent job supporting operational improvements within her market.  She has been highly involved with a team of folks helping to ensure the DPH licensure process goes well across the state.  She has identified and executed strategies to leverage resource opportunities across her region to mitigate performance issues and support her team.  We are very confident Michelle will continue to do great work within MA!  Nice work Michelle!

GetPersonaPhoto-7Maggie Pagan has requested to take on a Sr. Center Manager role leading two centers.  Maggie and I agree that she can best serve CleanSlate in this role. Maggie has also done great work on the DPH licensure team across the state.  She has helped centers improve upon all the lessons learned through that process to ensure we are successful in that endeavor.  We look forward to Maggie?s contributions to these two centers.  We?re highly confident she will bring operational efficiencies and opportunity for growth in both markets.  Thank you Maggie and we?re looking forward to your ongoing contributions!

Ellen, Michelle, and Brian will report directly to me effective April 1, 2018.  We will be working through this transition over the next 2 to 3 months as they each begin touring and building familiarity with all the centers and team members within their new markets.  As you have the opportunity to meet them, please offer your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.  This will help us ensure the action plans for each market are accurate and effective.

Please join me in wishing Ellen, Michelle, Maggie, and Brian the very best in their new roles with CleanSlate!  They are all extremely hard working, dedicated, and effective leaders in our firm.  We?re highly confident in them and their new positions!

Thank you!


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Adam McPhee

Adam McPhee is the Chief Operating Officer for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.