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At CleanSlate, we know the importance of expressing gratitude in recovery and incorporating it into our patients’ treatment. Last month, members of the CleanSlate family from all locations went above and beyond to give thanks for their work, patients, partners, and more. Keep reading to learn how your fellow warriors celebrated Thanksgiving.

Sharing Words of Thanks

We asked fellow Warriors to share what makes you thankful for the work we do at CleanSlate. We received an overwhelming number of responses that really highlighted the importance of the care we provide and the impact we have on our patients. Take a look at a few of the words of gratitude we received from our teams.

  • Racine, Wisconsin, Medical Assistant, and Receptionist Ashley Hickmann is grateful for the opportunity to help others through her work at CleanSlate and also for her own six years in recovery. “Suboxone changed my life. It gave me the opportunity to have a baby and find the fiancé/husband I always wanted. It gave me life and happiness!”
  • For Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Area Clinical Director Caitlyn Rivero, forming meaningful connections with patients is the most rewarding part of her work. “I’m thankful for the relationships I have formed with my patients and how I get to see progress, especially in those who struggled for a long time before having a breakthrough.”
  • Southeast Area Manager Megan Abdullahi is thankful to work with her colleagues toward the common goal of guiding patients on their recovery journey. “I am thankful for the people I work with, the patients who appreciate what we do and the common goal we share as a company

  • Seeing patients regain their happiness and prosper in recovery fills Richmond, Indiana, Center Supervisor Milora Wood with gratitude for her work. “I live to see them be able to be active participants of life and society. It makes me happy when they no longer feel ashamed and start to feel real pride.”
  • Ludlow, Massachusetts, Eligibility and Patient Support Specialist Madeleine Chase is thankful her work allows her to spread hope to patients. “I’m thankful that I can help our clients get their life back and show them they are good people. No matter what they face, they can hold their head up high and be proud of their accomplishments.”
  • Waukesha, Wisconsin, Medical Receptionist Jamie Grall is thankful that her work at CleanSlate allows her to see her patients succeed at navigating recovery. “I love helping patients every day and seeing the smiles on their faces when they know they are making progress.”
  • Bloomington, Indiana, Nurse Practitioner Katherine Deer is grateful for her role because of the impact she can have in the lives of others. “I am thankful I can help make a difference in people’s lives.”
  • Greenwood, Indiana, Area Medical Director Jeremy Wilber is grateful for CleanSlate’s culture of teamwork and for being able to help others in his role. “I’m grateful for a great team, culture, and rewarding patients.”
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin, Center Manager Anne Hynek is grateful for the opportunity to impact others on their recovery journey. “That’s what I am thankful for. The strength, knowledge, determination, and willingness to be part of a team that saves lives EVERY day!”

It fills us with pride to hear how much our team members appreciate the work we do and their fellow co-workers.

Richmond, Indiana, Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaway

As a way to give back to our patients, the Richmond, Indiana, team had the wonderful idea of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner giveaway! They worked together to collect all of the fixings for a classic Thanksgiving dinner and held a contest to select one lucky patient. The winner was a patient who was able to enjoy the feast with his son. Thank you to the Richmond team for thinking of this creative and meaningful way to give to our patients during the holiday season!

Arlington, Texas, Team Thanksgiving

In partnership with Symetria Recovery and Greenhouse Treatment Center, the Arlington, Texas, CleanSlate team showed their appreciation for their patients with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner! Their goal was to show patients how much they mean to the team and how much we appreciate helping them on their recovery journey. The event was a huge success and allowed patients to fellowship and feast. Thank you, Arlington team!

Thank you to everyone who shared stories of gratitude with us and to everyone who works year-round to let patients know they are supported and appreciated. We’re thankful for you!

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Our mission is simple: Improve the quality of life for people suffering from opioid and alcohol addictions. Our mission is simple: Improve the quality of life for people suffering from opioid and alcohol addictions. To date, CleanSlate has treated more than 60,000 patients in over 80 centers across the country, working closely with our partners to save and change lives.