You are all familiar with Ultipro, our Human Resources Information System (HRIS), however, what you may not know is there are many tools within the system that can help you manage your local team in an efficient and effective way. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring a variety of Ultipro tips and tricks in the Warriors for Hope News email to show you how to leverage Ultipro to its fullest potential. 

Performance Management GraphicThis week we’re pleased to announce two new Ultipro features that will launch by early February.

The first to roll out to the field will be a performance management tool that will be completely electronic and housed in Ultipro — moving us away from the antiquated paper system previously used for 90-day and annual reviews. 

Some of the immediate benefits manager’s will see with  the performance management tool:

  • The ability to create competency-based employee development goals ? recognizing your employees? competencies, identifying and reducing gaps, and planning for future workforce needs
  • Identify high-performing employees for key positions
  • Assess employee performance against measurable objectives and review progress at any time ? reviewing system-delivered elements, including rating scales, review ratings, review types, goal types, competency types, and a competency library
  • Collect multi-contributor feedback for a full picture of an employee?s performance
  • Journaling capability to allow managers to document an employee’s significant progress and milestones throughout the year for easier review process

People Services will also launch a salary planning tool in Ultipro following the roll out of performance management. Completing annual reviews through Ultipro will now tie into annual increase planning for salary adjustments, moving us away from another process that was previously done on paper rather than electronically. The salary planning tool will help managers automatically calculate salary increases based on performance and job function, eliminating the guesswork. Like the performance management tool, salary planning in Ultipro will also work through workflows and hierarchies for approvals to make sure salary adjustments for positions under dual-management are properly reviewed by all appropriate parties. 

Look for information on these exciting tools in Ultipro and upcoming trainings on how to use them in the coming weeks. If you have questions in the interim about Ultipro, please email


Christy Sutton

Christy Sutton is Director of People Services for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.