I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who helped make the rollout of our new EMR, Ares, in West Springfield, Mass. a tremendous success. The individuals that pulled together from all over the country and throughout the organization to help make the transition to Ares seamless, truly exemplify the spirit of our core value ?Together We Succeed.?

While much preparation was put into the rollout process months in advance of the Wave 1 launch, the pilot at West Springfield was instrumental in allowing us to work out the kinks with user acceptance testing and training.WS EMR Pilot 7

I?m also very pleased to report that even in the midst of the challenges presented by the rollout, the team demonstrated the ?Patients First? attitude inherent in our colleagues by serving 132 patients last Thursday when 125 were scheduled. As problems arose, the rollout team pulled together to make sure no patients were rebooked, often working late into the night to catch up on documentation or driving from neighboring centers to help with the workload at West Springfield.

The West Springfield team are, and always have been, trailblazers for CleanSlate. They are identifying issues and working extra hard to help the Ares project team get the system right to provide the best possible user experience for the rest of the organization. They accepted the challenge of being the pilot site by stepping up, continue to do so, and are a mentor for the next clinics to follow in the Wave 1 rollout.

WS EMR Pilot 1WS EMR Pilot 4

In addition to the West Springfield team, I?d like to thank a number of Warriors throughout CleanSlate who helped make this rollout out a success, including David Tortorella, Nicole Delmonico, Jamie Chadonnet, Roberto Salva-Otero, Lynne Gomes, Nicole Wagner, Daniel Terbush, and Marissa Rivera.

We are also extremely grateful for the tireless work of the EMR implementation team throughout the last few months, including team members in IT, Operations, and Medical Quality who were instrumental in training and support for this pilot and the overall Ares project.

WS EMR Pilot 2WS EMR Pilot 5WS EMR Pilot 3

I hope you will join me in congratulating the West Springfield and EMR Implementation teams on this great start to our Ares rollout. I look forward to our ongoing success as we continue rollout in the coming weeks to this new system which will allow us to more effectively and efficiently serve our patients with the highest quality care.

WS EMR Pilot 6



Greg Marotta

Greg Marotta is the President and CEO of CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.