Wisconsin, like so many other states, continues to face the debilitating realities of the U.S. opioid crisis. In the first quarter of 2019, the state experienced 200 opioid-related deaths and 775 inpatient and emergency room visits.

Last year there were 839 opioid-related deaths in Wisconsin, and Rock County had the sixth-highest rate of opioid-related deaths in the state in 2017. Despite these disheartening statistics, there is hope for improvement. Overall the state has seen a 1.3% decline in opioid-related deaths over the past three years. While the progress is promising, there is still much work left to do.

The opioid crisis has focused attention on the topic of drug abuse and misuse, but rarely are the merits of different treatment options discussed, said Pam Thompson, center manager for CleanSlate Janesville. Medication-assisted treatment is clinically proven to lead to improved outcomes for patients with opioid use disorder, yet only a fraction of treatment programs offers this option.

Less than half of all treatment facilities in Wisconsin provide medication-assisted treatment. This is due in part to misunderstanding about addiction and individuals suffering from the disease. CleanSlate’s new Janesville center, located at 101 E. Milwaukee Street, Suite 315 hopes to combat the misperceptions and bring much-needed relief with drug rehab and alcohol treatment options to the area. Additionally, treatment assistance can be found to provide help with costs (see Medicaid Rehab in Waukesha for more)

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CleanSlate was founded in 2009 in response to the country’s growing opioid epidemic. Over the past decade, the company has provided drug rehab and alcohol treatment to more than 50,000 patients in 11 states. The company operates nine centers in Wisconsin.

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The CleanSlate treatment model is a holistic approach designed to be inclusive and considerate of the unique needs of each patient as they work toward long-term recovery (see Outpatient Rehab in Mechanicsville for more). Its physician-led offices provide evidenced-based care and treatment utilizing integrated medical and behavioral health services and individualized treatment plans.

Many of our patients come to us because they feel comfortable in our treatment environment. There is no judgement here, only compassion and support, said Thompson. Too often, individuals suffering from addiction are treated like their condition is their fault. At CleanSlate, we understand addiction is a disease. Our patients deserve to be supported and respected so we can ultimately overcome the disease together.

To make an appointment at CleanSlate’s Janesville addiction treatment center, please call 608-305-0201, or walk into our center at 101 E. Milwaukee Street, Suite 315.

For media inquiries, please contact Carol Lynn at cfitelynn@cleanslatecenters.com.

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Michael Petersen

Michael Petersen is an Expansion Business Partner for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders. Prior to joining CleanSlate, Mike served as a Police Chief in the Columbia City Police Department in Indiana for a total service of 21 years.