Thank you to our Merrillville, Indiana Center Manager Karen Bonner for sharing the below story of how her team went the extra mile to reassure a patient’s family member during a difficult time. 

Merrillville - Karen at conference-1_300x225“As the Center Manager, I normally handle the issues. But I wanted to share this story of how I was able to offer HOPE and instill confidence in a patient’s mother on what we do here.

This story is about patient who began his journey with us back in March 2017. He has had some moments but has been very consistent up until this past November when he experienced some hardship with the law and had a relapse.

The patient’s mother was very distraught and was on the verge of giving up on her son. I spoke to her and encouraged her not to give up him and said, ‘When he goes to the inpatient unit and gets detoxed, we will be right here waiting to take up the baton and run with him as we already have been doing.’  I told her how important it was for her to stand with him and not give up, and that we are all in this fight together.  She thank me and said I helped her see things in a new light.

Well she came to the next provider appointment. Aaron Longale was so generous and took up triple the time to speak and answer all her questions and explain what we do and how and why.

The Care Coordinator, front desk associate, lab technician and other providers have also been an encouragement to the patient (whom we adore) and his mother. She sees the care and excellent customer service we provide each of our patients.

She stopped in the hall the other day and poked her head in my door and said, ‘Thank you so much,’ and smiled like we were old friends.  I said, ‘This is what we do. This is who we are.’


Carol Fite Lynn

Carol Fite Lynn is the Director of Communications for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.