This week we wrap up our pre-Benefits Open Enrollment series to help you get to know the benefits available to you. We’ve created the fact sheet below with Open Enrollment Tips. Click the link below to download the fact sheet. I’ve also outlined some of the information below.

Open Enrollment Tips Fact Sheet 

Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 8.37.14 PM

Making wise decisions about your benefits requires planning. By selecting benefits that provide the best care and coverage, you can optimize their value and minimize the impact to your budget.

Many people get tripped up when asked to select benefits for themselves and their families because these decisions can be complicated, and it is often easier to elect the same coverage that you had during the previous plan year. However, last year?s coverage may not suit you again, and there may be new plans that better meet your needs. Follow these tips to make the best benefit decisions for you and your family.


As always, please feel free to reach out to with any benefits-related questions. And be sure to look for more from our KNOW YOUR BENEFITS series next week. 



Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson is the Chief Human Resources Officer for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.