262809-springfield-illinois-91bbcFrom Joan Erwin to Tony Castagna:

Hi Tony ?

As part of the Expansion meeting each week, the team is invited to extend kudos for their CS colleagues who they feel have gone above and beyond to collaborate with each other in a way that stands out. This week, you were ?Kudo?d? for your work with the lab on behalf of Eltahir and Naira.

Eltahir mentioned how grateful he was for your dedication and for ensuring that all systems were operating ? and that you worked on it all night long!! On behalf of the Expansion Team, I want to extend my gratitude for your hard work and everything you do, which ultimately helps our colleagues and our patients.


Thanks – Joan

From Tony Castagna to Joan Erwin:

Thank you for the acknowledgement. It was absolutely a team effort.

We had the perfect ensemble of players late that evening ? Paul, Me, Matt (CGM) and Eltahir ? to address a circumstance no one could have predicted. Each of us contributed equally that evening from my perspective.

20180402_105231Here is a picture that hangs in the break room that I found to be an inspiration working through the night. It?s from the perspective of a young adult (Kimberly Bess? 14-year-old daughter). During my childhood, I was surrounded by people with addiction, and without going into detail, did not have the best experiences. The lives of those around me would be very different had CleanSlate existed when I was 14. I will gladly continue to go above and beyond for CleanSlate.

Both Eltahir and Paul inspire loyalty and can always be counted on to provide support particularly in circumstances that played out during the upgrade. Like I said, it was the perfect ensemble.


From Greg Marotta to all:

Free of pride or arrogance…..humility…..defines who we are as a team, selfless acts for the greater good, patients first. Keeping our business running so we can see the friends, families, neighbors that seek our help, together we succeed. Accepting the kudos of colleagues and quickly paying it forward by recognizing those that contributed alongside of us.

I am humbled by the strength, compassion and lack of ego I see, hear and read about everyday in this firm. Everyone of you makes a difference by touching the lives of our patients and each other.

We need more of it, a sense of urgency, of seizing the day, creating more access and yes moving toward profitability quickly.

Our foundation is solid, with the Anthony?s, Eltahir?s, Paul?s and Matt?s.

Anthony experienced a world without CleanSlate when he was 14……can you imagine the world without CleanSlate 14 months or 14 years from now? I cannot.

Our time is now. Be Successful!

– Greg


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Joan Erwin

Joan Erwin is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.