Our teams in Indiana and Kentucky celebrated an amazing milestone last week: reaching 3,000 active patients across the region.  This is a huge accomplishment, and every employee should feel incredibly proud of their impact on our patients’ lives and their region’s success. Rachael Thompson, Regional Director of Operations, reflected on this achievement: “This is a big milestone for us, and we are grateful for the lives we get to touch, everyday. #TogetherWeSucceed.”  The center employees enjoyed some goodies, celebrated this accomplishment together and already started looking toward the future. 


Kokomo 3000 patients 5.9.19

“The Kokomo team enjoyed veggies, fruit, and some cupcakes as a thank you for their commitment to our patients and their recovery. 

 Bring on the next 3,000 – Indiana and Kentucky teams are ready to help one patient at a time!” – Emily Byrd, Center Manager, Kokomo, IN


Bloomington 3000 Patients - 5-9-19

“Who needs donuts when you have fresh baked cookies delivered for celebrating 3,000 patients?” – James Evans, Center Manager, Bloomington, IN

Ft. Wayne 3000 Patients 5.9.19

Fort Wayne celebrating the now and looking toward the future!


Louisville 1 3000 Patients 5.9.19


Louisville 2 3000 Patients 5-9-19

Louisville showed their pride and celebrated Kentucky derby style!


Plainfield 2 3000 Patients 5.9.19

Plainfield 3000 Patients 5.9.19Plainfield, IN put into words why this milestone is so important.


Congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement! You are putting our values and our mission into action and we thank you for your dedication and ambition to grant access to even more patients who need our help. 

Rachael Thompson

Regional Director of Operations, Indiana and Kentucky