A big shout-out to three Warriors who have passed the five year milestone at CleanSlate and have been honored with Commendable Commitment Awards. These dedicated employees work hard every day to build CleanSlate into a mighty organization that saves lives and gives people hope.

Thank you for your service, Warriors!


Emanuel Adorno, Sr. Lab Trainer Assistant

?A true warrior who exemplifies all of our values. Always respectful, compassionate, a team member who is willing to extend a hand pleasantly to assist others. I am sure many of our staff who dealt with him will agree, and prove he leaves a positive image everywhere.? ? Eltahir Elbakri

(Pictured: Emanuel Adorno, Sr Lab Trainer Assistant in Holyoke, MA, being presented with his Commendable Commitment Award, alongside CFO Robert Hutchison and Lab Manager Eltahir Elbakri.)








 Joshua Esteva, Provider Scheduling Supervisor

?It is a true honor to be able to present Josh with his Commendable Commitment Award for five years of service at CleanSlate. Josh started in our three-person call center back in 2013. He then accepted other positions in the organization (billing, medical records, group/intake/provider scheduling) before joining my team again and getting promoted to a Supervisor. It has been a pleasure working with Josh over the years and seeing him grow and develop as a professional.? ? Stephanie Steiner

(Pictured: Joshua Esteva, Provider Scheduling Supervisor, Holyoke, MA, with his Commendable Commitment Award.)






Arlene Rivie, Engagement & People Services Specialist

?Arlene has been instrumental in the early days of growth that has allowed CleanSlate to become what it is today. She helped build, from the ground up, many of the processes and departments that we know today, such as the Call Center and the Medical Records department. When I started with CleanSlate, Arlene was providing administrative support to the operations team and all employees at the Corporate Northampton office, all while navigating a new role in Human Resources. Since we became a team, Arlene has stepped up to every challenge thrown her way, including building our employee engagement program, Warriors Excelling, singlehandedly. She has learned and continues to learn every new task asked of her in her role, because she truly cares about making the day to day for our team of Warriors easier, so that they can focus on our value of Patients First. Arlene exemplifies the CleanSlate mission, vision and values, and I thank her for her commitment and the five years of excellence that she has provided to us.? ? Erin Henderson

(Pictured: Arlene Rivie, Engagement & People Services Specialist, Northampton, MA being presented with her Commendable Commitment Award, alongside Erin Henderson, People Services Business Partner.)



If you would like to nominate a warrior for an award or have any questions about the process, please contact Arlene Rivie at Arivie@cleanslatecenters.com 


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Erin Henderson

Erin Henderson is a Senior People Services Business Partner at CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.