As you enroll in your 2019 benefits, we wanted to explain some next steps for new hires that may be required to verify your dependent’s coverage through a company we partner with, Sisco Benefits.

The Affordable Care Act has placed many more requirements upon employers to ensure we maintain a high degree of compliance in all aspects of benefit plan offerings to our employees. In order to ensure we honor these compliance guidelines, we must ensure all participants in the CleanSlate plans are eligible to participate based upon ERISA participant guidelines.     

Earlier this year, CleanSlate implemented a dependent audit process. We rely on our partner SISCO Benefits, a third party auditing firm, to manage this process and collect required documentation to validate participant eligibility per our definition of eligible dependents. The process is completely confidential and all employees requesting to enroll dependents are required to participate. 

As a reminder, the Eligible Dependent Definition is as follows:

 Your legal Spouse or Domestic Partner and Dependent Children under the age of 26 (under age 30 for medical plan coverage).  A Spouse who is offered group medical insurance through their employer will not be eligible to participate in CleanSlate Centers medical plan.

All new CleanSlate employees electing dependent coverage will be required to submit documentation verifying dependent status. This means that if you are enrolling a qualifying dependent, you may be required to provide legal document such as birth or marriage certificates or tax returns to Sisco for verification purposes. Failure to submit requested documents will result in retroactive termination of dependent coverage

We appreciate your patience and support to honor this compliance requirement. Should you have any questions throughout the process, please reach out to 





Tonya Draughon

Tonya Draughon is a Senior Client Service Specialist at Marsh & McLennan Agency in Florida.