CleanSlate Coronavirus Temporary Leave Policy

Our team members are vital to the culture of our firm and to the care we provide our patients .  We understand the stress COVID-19 has placed on our employees and your families  We recognize that our core value, Together We Succeed, means many things however right now it means taking care of one another and doing the best for each other with what we have available to us as resources and tools. We are successful as an organization when we remain grounded in our core values. This has never been truer than in our current environment.

Consequently, we are implementing the following policies to help us navigate this national emergency and ever evolving moment in time. These policies and provisions are outlined below. They will be effective through April 30th, 2020 We will review the situation prior to the expiration of this time period to determine if it will be necessary to extend these provisions.

Below are the extended leave provisions should an employee be furloughed or quarantined as well as provisions related to working from home, child-care, and team members who may be vulnerable:

  • If you are feeling sick, please do not come in. Contact your health care provider to get examined and diagnosed.*
  • To decrease the possibility of transmission of coronavirus in our centers and offices you MUST contact your People Services Business Partner assigned to your region (see below) and be screened (by phone) prior to returning to your center. You will be screened by one of our CleanSlate physicians.  Please be prepared to share the results of any laboratory testing, such as influenza, coronavirus or other screening that was performed. Your information is strictly confidential and will only be used for determining your condition to return to work.
  • Team members who have traveled to or have someone in their household who has recently traveled to a country designated as an impacted country or impacted community within the U.S. are required to report this to his or her manager as well as People Services. Each situation will be reviewed and the decision of whether the individual will be required to stay out of work will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Any team member or team member?s manager who has a question regarding whether the team member should come to work, you should contact your region’s People Services Business Partner.
    • Bob Wilson ? Corporate, (859) 539-4164
    • Christy Sutton ? Brian Coonan/Todd Fausnaught/Sally Combest: PA, OH, AZ, VA & FL (904) 753-2953
    • Erin Henderson ? Dana Thomson/Sally Combest: Wisconsin & Texas (413) 455-4607
    • Heather Wardrop ? Michelle L?Italien/Flora Sadri: MA, CT (413) 570-6249
    • Arlene Rivie ? Rachel Thompson/Claudie Jimenez: Indiana, Kentucky (413) 270-3244

They will have access to a clinical team who will provide medical advice based on the question asked. Please do not discuss staff patient health information via e-mail with anyone. 

  • Hourly team members who are quarantined by the state or furloughed by CleanSlate and who use PTO for the fourteen (14) day period will be granted an additional eighty (80) hours of PTO to replenish their PTO bank. Any salaried team member who is furloughed by CleanSlate as a result of his or her medical condition or exposure to ?at-risk? people must arrange with his or her supervisor to perform their work from home, if possible. If the salaried team member cannot work from home, they too will have their fourteen (14) days PTO bank replenished upon using it for the quarantine period.
  • Team members who must take time off as a result of having the COVID-19 virus or having to be quarantined by the state or furloughed by CleanSlate as a result of a family or household member having the virus will not have the time off counted towards their 12-week FMLA leave.
  • Team members who have been using child care services, and whose services are shut down due to coronavirus concerns, or who will require child care as a result of school closings, and do not have a trusted family member or friend who can watch the children, can contact People Services to discuss the possibility of receiving child care assistance. If someone has children and who has not previously had child-care, we will offer the following:
    • If you are unable to come to work, you will be paid during the time accommodations for working from home (if applicable) have been arranged by CleanSlate, for up to two (2) weeks? pay.
    • CleanSlate will attempt to reschedule or stagger your work schedule, where possible, that will enable the company to serve patients and accommodate your needs. The operations team is currently reviewing how and where this might be able to work.
    • We are also setting up center hours outside of typical school hours to enable staff who must stay home for school age children during the day to complete their required working hours.
    • We will assist you in obtaining temporary unemployment benefits if you are furloughed by CleanSlate or quarantined under state/Federal guidelines and are unable to work beyond the two (2) weeks.
  • We will not apply team members? time off, due to any illness during this temporary policy, to your FMLA 12-week benefit.
  • In regions where there is evidence of community spread of coronavirus team members who are sixty (60) and over or who are vulnerable (e.g. have a respiratory illness, being treated for a disease which impacts their immune system) will be offered the option to stay home. All candidates for vulnerable status should contact People Services in order to be screened to assess eligibility for accommodations.
  • We will work with all vulnerable individuals to enable them to work from home if commensurate with their job responsibilities
  • If a team member?s work is not conducive to working from home, they will receive up to eighty (80) hours of PTO for the time they cannot work. Any time missed due to their inability to work will not count towards their twelve (12) week FMLA benefit.
  • If you are a provider or a support staff member in a vulnerable category and unable to come to work you will receive up to two (2) weeks? pay until CleanSlate is able to have the systems ready for you to work from home.
  • If you have a specific question not covered in this section of the policy, please contact your regional People Services Business Partner.

*CIGNA our medical insurance administrator has notified us that they will cover Covid-19 testing with an in-network provider at a Doctor?s Office, Urgent Care, Emergency Room, or Telehealth provider now through May 31, 2020. There will not be a co-pay charged for these visits.  If you are unable to physically visit your provider, you can access telemed services by downloading the MyCigna app. Click on the app and click on the ?Find Care? icon (magnifying glass) at the bottom of the page.  A menu will appear.  Click on the ?Cigna Telehealth Connection.? You will see two (2) services available for contacting a telehealth service.  The services are provided by MDLive and American Well. You may contact either one of these services using a video or phone connection.  If you are unable to download the app the telephone numbers are as follows:

MDLive: 888-726-3171

American Well: 855-667-9722

It is our intention that these policies will answer many of the questions going through your mind as we all attempt to navigate this crisis together.  We must remember that Patients First is what drives us every day and that our patients rely on us for their well-being and to help them through their addiction disease. It is out of Respect and Compassion for our team members who support our patients every day throughout the year that we offer these temporary policies.

These policies are more generous than what the Federal government is currently proposing.  We will only get through this challenging time through working together (Together We Succeed)! Thank you for continuing to serve our patients like you do.  We will do everything that we can to relieve the anxiety and stress that comes with dealing with a pandemic such as the coronavirus.


If you have additional questions, please email

Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson is the Chief Human Resources Officer for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.