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In celebration of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week November 7-13, we asked CleanSlate employees to nominate fellow Warriors who’ve set high standards in demonstrating their commitment to ethics and compliance. We received many wonderful nominations and are proud to recognize three inaugural award winners: Regional Director of Operations Michelle L’Italien, Medical Assistant Cynthia McKinney and Nurse Practitioner Wayne Scherbaum.

As Regional Director of Operations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Michelle L’Italien leads by example when it comes to upholding CleanSlate’s stringent ethical and compliance standards. Her peers say she exemplifies a strong work ethic and always does what is best for both patients and her colleagues. She is detail-oriented, especially when it comes to keeping track of CleanSlate’s business operations and reporting to the proper regulatory authorities. She is fair, open-minded, empathetic, and caring – all qualities that are valuable and admired in a leader.

Springfield, Ohio, Medical Assistant Cynthia McKinney helps train others and has been traveling to neighboring centers to offer assistance. As a medical assistant trainer, it’s imperative for Cynthia to not only have a strong grasp of CleanSlate’s compliance protocols but also be able to communicate those guidelines effectively to her peers. She has been doing a stellar job coaching her colleagues and is always professional and respectful with patients.

Greenwood, Indiana, Nurse Practitioner Wayne Scherbaum is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and demonstrates sound ethical judgement in his everyday duties. He works hard every day, often staying late to make sure patient needs are met. Even with a busy schedule, he never complains and makes sure everything he does aligns with CleanSlate’s ethics and compliance standards. He documents his patient visits promptly and graciously helps his teammates in whatever ways he can. Patients love him because he really listens to their concerns, provides counseling and strives to ensure a positive experience for all.

Compliance and ethics are essential to the work CleanSlate does every day in keeping our patients safe and supporting their recovery journey. Thank you to everyone for prioritizing these important protocols!

Kianna Jesus

Medical Affairs & Regulatory Specialist