Kokomo, IN – CleanSlate Centers, a national leader in outpatient addiction medicine, continues its expansion of medication-assisted treatment centers for addiction throughout Indiana with its newest center in Kokomo, located at 3728 S. Reed Road. The company now operates twelve treatment centers for opioid and alcohol addictions in the state of Indiana and 51 centers across the country.

We’re eager to bring CleanSlate’s life-saving services to the people of Kokomo and reduce all barriers to medication-assisted treatment, including the barrier of cost, said Anthony Belott, Chief Development Officer for CleanSlate. ?CleanSlate participates in-network with most Medicaid and commercial providers in the state of Indiana so that patients can be treated with minimal or no financial burden.?

(Pictured: Many of CleanSlate’s patients who live in Kokomo have been driving 70 miles or more to receive treatment at other CleanSlate centers in Indiana. The new CleanSlate center in Kokomo increases access to treatment and the potential to achieve and maintain recovery.)

Kokomo is Indiana’s thirteenth-largest city, a manufacturing town that has seen its fortunes rise and fall over recent years with the fluctuations of the automotive industry. As with other parts of the country, economic hardships can fan the flames of the opioid crisis. Howard County – like the rest of the state – suffered a record-high number of overdose deaths in 2017, nearly doubling its overdose death total in 2016.

CleanSlate opens its doors in Kokomo just as the city has redoubled efforts to reverse this deadly trend, with some signs of success. Howard County Coroner Steve Seele released statistics for the first half of the year showing a decline in overdoses when compared to the previous year.

Image-1.png-2While this progress can be attributed to a number of local efforts, the most notable initiative has been the launch of a local service with the Family Service Association of Howard County called Systems of Care. This statewide program, also known as Turning Point, connects individuals to addiction and mental health treatment resources.

(Pictured: Front entrance to CleanSlate Kokomo.)

?We applaud the work that Howard County has done to stem the tide of opioid overdoses and we look forward to supporting these efforts,? said Emily Byrd, the Center Manager for CleanSlate in Kokomo. ?CleanSlate partners closely with stakeholders in each community where we operate, and we’re grateful to join Kokomo’s urgent collaboration.?

A model of successful care

CleanSlate has treated more than 35,000 patients over the past decade, with 11,000 patients currently being treated across the country. The company’s program of care includes appropriate medication-assisted treatment (MAT) prescribed by licensed medical providers, as well as clear accountability, supportive counseling and care coordination. CleanSlate is actively growing its footprint to expand much-needed access to outpatient medication treatment for addiction.

Modern Healthcare recently reported on CleanSlate’s comprehensive, evidence-based model of care, one that distinguishes itself with a whole-patient approach that is tailored to each individual.

?A lot of mom-and-pop providers are writing scrips for Suboxone on a pure cash-pay basis, without real care management or guidelines, said Diane Daych, board chair of CleanSlate and Managing Partner of Granite Growth Health Partners, to Modern Healthcare. ?That’s not what we view as good quality care. That’s changing, and we’re helping to drive that.?

Image.png-10Increasing access to treatment for anyone who needs it is one of CleanSlate’s core missions. ?If patients don’t have insurance, our Care Coordinators will help them find coverage,? said Byrd. ?We will connect them with any services they need and be there with them every step of the way. Cleanslate sees success stories every day at its centers across the country, and we’re excited to bring our mission of hope to Kokomo.?

(Pictured: Emily Byrd, Center Manager for CleanSlate Kokomo.)

Like so many CleanSlate employees, Byrd brings personal experience with addiction to her work helping patients. Eight years ago, her brother in law, Travis, lost his life after a long battle with substance use disorder. Travis left behind three children, family, and friends who loved him. 

“He was a veteran who sought treatment for his addictions, but he wasn’t greeted with open arms and given treatment options,” Byrd recalls. “He was put on a wait list. That wait list proved to be too long and cost him his life.”

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“When Someone You Love Suffers from Opioid or Alcohol Addiction”

Byrd dedicates her work at CleanSlate to helping other patients and families overcome barriers to recovery. “CleanSlate is able to schedule new patients and address urgent matters right away,” she notes. “My husband serves our community through EMS, and he and I both believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We want everyone to understand that there are resources to help and there is hope for the future. I’m eager to share more about what CleanSlate can do to save lives in our community.” 

CleanSlate currently cares for nearly 2,000 patients in Indiana and has plans to open as many as nine more centers in the state through 2019. Aside from Kokomo, the company also has Indiana centers in Alexandria, Anderson, Bloomington, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, E. Indianapolis, N. Indianapolis, Lafayette, Merrillville and Muncie.

To find out more details about CleanSlate’s center in Kokomo, click here. To make an appointment, call 765-626-7110.

About CleanSlate

A pioneer and leader in outpatient addiction medicine, CleanSlate is a rapidly expanding national medical group that provides treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily opioid and alcohol use disorders. Founded in 2009 in response to the country’s growing opioid epidemic, CleanSlate’s physician-led offices utilize medication treatment and related therapies to treat patients who suffer from addiction and associated disorders, adhering to the highest quality, evidence-based practices.

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Cory McConnell

Cory McConnell is the Director of Business Development for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.