As we continue to navigate the challenges presented by the spread of Coronavirus throughout the country, our top priorities remain the protection of our employees and patients. One of the best ways to ensure this is to mitigate possible spread of the virus in our offices and clinics by restricting employee travel to limit exposure to the illness and to continue decontamination protocols to provide a healthy workplace.


Please see the following updated CleanSlate Travel Policies below:

  • At this time, we are eliminating all unnecessary public transportation in all markets to include airplane, train, bus, ferry, rideshare, etc. 
  • Those who rely upon local transportation for travel within their communities to work and home should continue to do so while adhering to infection control habits (not touching face, frequent hand sanitation).

  • You may continue to travel by personal vehicle with the exception of travel within California, Washington, Westchester County, New York, and any future severely impacted cities that we provide guidance on. 
  • You may also continue to drive your personal vehicle to your usual workplace in CleanSlate centers and offices.
  • Any travel that may be necessary for business-related purposes, must be submitted for approval to your immediate supervisor and their immediate supervisor. An email to should also be included with the request so we can keep track of who is traveling domestically and quickly implement screening protocols if necessary. 
  • We are aware of specific team members who have been given approval to travel already and do not need to resubmit for approval, unless your particular pre-approved travel areas become areas of high impact for COVID-19. 
  • All work-related conference attendance is suspended at this time.
  • All CleanSlate colleagues are expected to follow federal travel recommendations by avoiding unnecessary travel to China, Europe, Iran, South Korea, and Japan. If you or a member of your household travels outside of the continental United State (to and from any foreign country) during the next few months, you must reach out to PRIOR to returning to work in order to be cleared to return to the office or clinic. 
  • Should you travel internationally to a Level 1-3 country or California, Washington, Westchester County, New York, and any other future state with high incidence of COVID-19, you will be placed on mandatory leave from work without pay for a period of 14 days unless you are able to perform your work duties from home. 
  • The list of states with widespread Infection can change DAILY, so it is strongly recommended that you check with People Services about traveling to states outside of your home state PRIOR to doing so.
  • We are aware of several colleagues who have children currently participating in study abroad programs. The colleagues will need to follow the same protocol for clearance indicated above for returning to work once their students return home. 
  • While we cannot make determinations for colleagues regarding previously planned discretionary domestic or international travel, it is important to be aware that should you visit a currently impacted area, one that may become severely impacted area, or come into contact with infected individuals during your travel, you will be subject to mandatory leave from work without pay for a period of 14 days unless you are able to perform your work duties from home. 
  • We know we have not covered all possible travel scenarios in the details above, however, we will provide additional details in future communications. 
  • If you have travel related questions that are not answered above, please contact for guidance.




Tracey Cohen M.D.

Dr. Cohen, Chief Clinical Officer of CleanSlate, is responsible for the clinical and quality oversight of CleanSlate’s services as well as continuous improvement and development of CleanSlate’s model of care. A part-time clinical provider at CleanSlate since 2010, Dr. Cohen joined the CleanSlate leadership team full-time in the summer of 2018, bringing over seventeen years’ experience of leadership in direct care, managed care, and public policy. Board certified in Addiction Medicine and Family Medicine, Dr. Cohen is widely recognized as a leader in substance use disorder care, health care integration, primary care, and chronic pain management. In her previous roles as Medical Director of Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island and as Medical Director of Behavioral Health and Quality at BCBS Rhode Island, Dr. Cohen led initiatives that expanded access to addiction treatment across the state and served as regional and national models. Dr. Cohen earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Barnard College and a Doctorate in Medicine from University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where she was one of the six inaugural Twenty-First Century Scholars.