Addiction counselor and group laughing during session

It is impossible to depict the role of a CleanSlate certified recovery specialist with a simple list of daily duties. These individuals truly do whatever is necessary to meet patients’ specific needs and help them on their recovery journey. One of CleanSlate’s core values is putting patients first, and certified recovery specialists live up to this conviction each day by creating an environment for patients to receive treatment that is physically and emotionally safe.

Traits of a CleanSlate Certified Recovery Specialist:

  • Mentorship –All of CleanSlate’s certified recovery specialists draw from their own life experiences with addiction and recovery as they guide patients through their journeys. Although other members of a patient’s support system are instrumental to encouraging recovery, they may be unable to fully grasp the challenge of navigating addiction without firsthand experience. Our specialists provide advice, encouragement and support with empathy and without judgement. It’s often helpful for patients to see how people in recovery can accomplish their goals and help others with our certified recovery specialists as role models.
  • Connection – Recovery specialists ensure patients never have to navigate their journey alone by providing emotional support through in-person and virtual meetings. They also help patients connect to outside support groups, services and resources because they understand from personal experience how important a support system is in recovery.
  • Support – Our certified recovery specialists recognize that successful recovery requires a holistic approach. By encouraging patients to set and meet short- and long-term goals, certified recovery specialists give them tools they need to create happier, healthier lives without substance use. They often go above and beyond to help patients manage their treatment, find jobs or stable housing – even sometimes joining them on bus rides to their appointments.

No matter how long someone has struggled with substance use disorder, recovery is always possible. Many of our recovery specialists are proof of what can happen after reaching out for help. If you or a family member are struggling, let us help you take the first step toward recovery. Call 833-505-HOPE or visit to find a CleanSlate location near you.

William Davis

William Davis is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and is Director of Recovery Support Services at CleanSlate.