Accredo® will be Cigna’s preferred specialty pharmacy

Earlier this year, we announced that Express Scripts is now part of Cigna. We are excited to share that along with this combination, Accredo, a specialty pharmacy (part of Express Scripts’ portfolio of services), will be Cigna’s preferred specialty pharmacy starting later this year. This means that customers who use Cigna Specialty Pharmacy today will now receive their specialty pharmacy services from Accredo, a Cigna company. Cigna’s current in-house specialty pharmacy will be integrated into Accredo.

Accredo_400x400Accredo is a leading specialty pharmacy with more than 35 years’ experience in specialty pharmacy operations, condition-specific clinical programs and most importantly, compassionate customer care. Accredo leads the way in three key areas that are essential to improving customer health and lowering overall costs.

1. Clinical excellence and individualized focused care to drive outcomes (500 condition-focused pharmacists and over 350 proprietary clinical protocols).

2. Local and community support to drive greater health and care engagement (200 nurse educators helping caregivers, 200          trusted physician advisors and 550 home infusion nurses across the United States).

                                                                                                           3. Scale and integration to drive savings.

Details about the move to even more individualized focused pharmacy care

Ensuring that our customers’ and clients’ transition to Accredo is as smooth as possible is our first priority. We are taking a thoughtful approach to moving prescriptions from Cigna Specialty Pharmacy to Accredo. There is no action you need to take.

  • Specialty prescriptions are moving to Accredo for enhanced access and care 
    • From August through November 2019, Cigna Specialty Pharmacy will transfer specialty prescriptions, under both the pharmacy and medical benefit, to Accredo if the customer has refills available.
    • About 40 days before the effective date, customers (and their providers) will receive a letter notifying them that their prescription will be transferred. 
    • Accredo will also send customers a welcome letter and follow up with a call to welcome new customers and assist in obtaining their next fill.
  • More access to exclusive or limited specialty drugs 
    • Starting July 2019, due to increased availability at Accredo, customers will now have access to many specialty medications that they previously had to fill at another pharmacy.
    • About 40 days before the effective date, customers required to fill their specialty drugs through home delivery will receive a letter notifying them that their medication is now available to fill at Accredo – and if they continue to fill their prescription at another pharmacy, it may not be covered.
    • We will assist customers (and their providers) who agree to use Accredo for their next fill.
  • Greater support for customers living with infertility challenges 
    • Starting August 2019, customers will now have access to the nation’s largest fertility pharmacy, Freedom Fertility® Pharmacy (part of Express Scripts’ portfolio of services), for support and medication needs.
    • In early August, customers who fill fertility medication at Cigna Specialty Pharmacy will receive a letter notifying them that they can now use Freedom Fertility.
    • Freedom Fertility has been dedicated to serving the unique needs of those struggling with infertility for nearly 25 years. We are proud to now offer this support to our Cigna customers. 

As we combine our expertise, we will continue to offer dedicated service to our clients and holistic clinical care to our customers. And we will strengthen our integrated model that offers full coordination of care across medical, pharmacy and behavioral health. We look forward to sharing more enhancements with you over the next several months.

If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to Heather Wardrop at

Heather Wardrop

Heather Wardrop is a People Services Business Partner for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.