2021 Crew LogoCorporate Compliance & Ethics Week provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of CleanSlate’s compliance and regulatory efforts through core principles of awareness, recognition and reinforcement. Throughout the week, we have asked fellow employees to consider the ways we embrace and demonstrate compliance and ethics at CleanSlate. We’re proud of our many ongoing compliance initiatives that ensure CleanSlate remains a leading provider of addiction medicine.

Code of Conduct

CleanSlate is committed to delivering the highest quality patient care through compliance with our Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct  is the keystone of our corporate integrity philosophy, outlining our ethical standards and commitment as we deliver care with the highest integrity. Read about the importance of compliance and quality standards in our article, Advancing Quality Standards in a Dynamic Industry.


Our CleanSlate ReportLine demonstrates our commitment to compliance and ethics by providing employees with a mechanism to report compliance concerns. ReportLine is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anonymously by telephone at 1-844-338-7287 or at ReportLine.EthicsPoint.com. We have posters, mousepads and magnets throughout center locations displaying this information.

Compliance Training and Education

Continued employee education is a defining feature of our CleanSlate Compliance Integrity Program and is essential to complying with state licensure regulations and CARF accreditation standards. This year the Medical Affairs and Regulatory team introduced a Medical Affairs & Regulatory Quarterly Initiatives for Quality Improvement (MARQI) Program. The team meets quarterly with each of our five CARF regions to provide ongoing support and guidance in maintaining accreditation. These interactive trainings cover critical topics such as compliance education, health and safety programs, regulatory state-licensure, CARF accreditation, medical affairs and more. Upon orientation for new hires and throughout the year, employees are also assigned appropriate training courses covering these topics. Please find more information about the program in our article MARQI – Medical Affairs & Regulatory Quarterly Initiatives for Quality Improvement and learn more about why CARF Accreditation is important.

Annual Mandatory Compliance Training

This week marks our annual mandatory compliance training enrollment via Warrior University. Courses will be assigned on Thursday, Nov. 11, and will include required comprehensive education on several topics such as confidentiality of substance use patient records 42 CFR & HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens and infection control, Medicare fraud, waste and abuse, anti-kickback, stark law and sexual harassment.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Our ongoing cybersecurity awareness training campaign has been administered throughout the year via Mimecast and complements our annual compliance training. This initiative empowers our employees with the skills and knowledge to prevent phishing, avoid compromising User IDs and passwords, and always protect confidentiality and access to sensitive data including Protected Health Information and Personal Identifying Information.

Lunch & Learn Series – COMING SOON

We are very excited for the upcoming launch of our CleanSlate Lunch & Learn Series. The inaugural session will be offered live on Thursday, Nov. 18, covering crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques. The series will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Nominate Fellow Warriors for a Compliance & Ethics Champion Award

We are inviting all employees to nominate their fellow Warriors for a Compliance & Ethics Champion Award. Please share stories of how your peers have set high standards in demonstrating their commitment to ethics and compliance. This recognition will be awarded to Warriors who exemplify incredible integrity by going above and beyond to uphold our CleanSlate compliance principles while embracing our mission, vision and values. Please email your nominations to Kianna Jesus kjesus@cleanslatecenters.com by next Friday, Nov. 19. Award recipients will be featured in an upcoming newsletter and receive a certificate of achievement and gift card. Nominate a fellow Warrior today!

Kianna Jesus

Medical Affairs & Regulatory Specialist