The Business Development team (now appropriately referred to as ‘The Avengers’) is pitching in and offering their support wherever they can right now and on Wednesday, March 25th, it was in South Louisville, KY. 

The center is low on MA/MR staff due to COVID-19, so Cory McConnell, Director of Business Development,  is working virtually greeting patients when they enter and checking them in and out, while Bradley Helton, Manager of Business Development, is providing support in the back.

cory and bradPictured above is Cory McConnell.

In addition to the help in South Louisville, Michael Petersen, Director of Business Development, is supporting Wiconsin centers virtually in terms of helping patients get setup with telehealth and making sure they know we’re open and ready to see them, and Joan Erwin, Senior VP, Business Development is doing the same for our centers across Massachusetts. 

We are facing the most unusual and trying time our globe has faced in decades, but I am incredibly proud of how this team and our organization as a whole has banded together to continue putting our Patients First while ensuring the safety of our employees.  

As Bob Wilson said last week, “We are successful as an organization when we remain grounded in our core values. This has never been more true than in our current healthcare environment.” 

Thank you to the Business Development team for helping out where needed, the IT team for working tirelessly to get our employees prepared to work virtually, the Billing department for adjusting and deciphering what codes we need to use, Clinical Leadership for guiding us in our protocols and safety, and everyone who has shifted, adjusted and pivoted wherever help is needed in these past few weeks. Together We Succeed!  

Joan Erwin

Joan Erwin is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.