What is Teams? For the past several months, we’ve had access to a great new collaboration tool from Microsoft called Teams.  We didn’t do an official roll-out of the software; you’ve had it all along.  We’ve let it grow organically.  Teams has many collaboration functions, but at its core, it’s a replacement to Skype for instant messaging, a huge improvement in both individual and group messaging, and a new infrastructure to work on projects with co-workers (share files, a calendar, planning software and more).

Microsoft TIs there training? I strongly encourage you to watch a few videos regarding Teams.  You can find this training in the Warrior University (formally Absorb).  To get to the Warrior University, just scroll down the page after logging into https://www.office.com/apps  with your CleanSlate email login.  Teams is one of the Featured Courses, so just enroll and watch any of the many subjects that you might be interested in.  You can also click and download this 5-Page Guide with Teams basics.  If you use any social media tools, the concept of chatting, ‘@’, tagging etc. will be very familiar.

How do I get Teams? Nearly everyone has Teams installed on their computer.  You can also use Teams as a cloud/browser-based application.  Again, find Teams from your online office portal @ https://www.office.com/apps and launch from there.  Teams may ask/suggest you download the desktop version and that’s OK too.

Who uses it?  I expect use will grow over time, you need to interact with it to determine what’s best for you and the folks you work with.  Many of you noticed an email from me inviting you to or informing you of a posting in a new company wide Team I created to share information about Ares.  I set up two channels within the team,  one to Broadcast information (moderated, no real discussion), and one to have interactive conversations about enhancement requests (unmoderated, be careful what you say!).  Even if you are not yet on Ares, I hope the information helps to keep you updated on issues, enhancements, FAQ’s, tips and tricks, etc.  We just started, so be patient as the content is coming.

When should I try it?  Please explore what Teams has to offer.  As I mentioned, it’s going to replace Skype in the near future so those that are using Skype (looking at you Telemed team), will want to start getting comfortable with Teams sooner than later.

If you have any technical questions, please reach out to the Helpdesk so they can assist.  (https://cleanslatecenters.zendesk.com/hc/en-us)

Paul Chabot

Paul Chabot is Chief Information Officer of CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.