pastedImage-5.pngPlantation Florida’s Cleanslate Center recently hosted a Junior Warrior for Hope on Friday February 1st., to correspond to Broward County’s “Take Your Kid to Work Day.”

The Team collaboratively produced: 
1. A welcome letter for Jr. Warriors 
2. A vocabulary list 
3. A things to learn on your interviews tip sheet
4. Creative project #1 Help marketing consultant Shanna Belott with a Green level Tshirt 
5. Creative project #2 Help Shanna with 3 button designs. 
6. A Jr. Warrior evaluation.  
Two children had last minute testing and were not able to attend. Jordan Pesetsky, age 9 become our lone Junior Warrior for hope.  He used a computer to look up and define vocabulary words. 
He then met Michelle Aubert who taught him the working of the front desk and how it is essential, then Nathalie Charleus explained the lab, how we obtain urine and blood for testing, how we send out labs and how we safely handle samples using universal precautions.  He then met with Sasheena Buchanan to learn what a Nurse Practitioner does, and how she helps patients with medications and motivational interviewing. 
Finally he met with the Center Medical Director to understand how we insure good quality care, how we recruit patients and work to keep the team well supported.  He then was treated to a Lunch at Pollo Tropical and then created his T-shirt design and design for 3 buttons to help Shanna Belott. 
His evaluation is also attached, but he learned far more than a parent could teach in this day of learning. 
Staff and Junior Warrior enjoyed the day!

Dr. Eric Pesetsky

Dr. Eric Pesetsky is South Florida Medical Director for CleanSlate, a leading national medical group that provides office-based outpatient medication treatment for the chronic disease of addiction, primarily alcohol and opioid use disorders.