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Behavioral / SUD Health Providers

Collaborative care coordination means better outcomes for patients.

Collaborating with Other Treatment Providers

CleanSlate believes that to successfully treat substance use disorder, we need to treat the underlying and co-occuring conditions that lead a person to want to use, including the behavioral and mental health components of the addiction. We are proud to work with other substance use disorder treatment and behavioral health providers to ensure our patients have access to all the resources they need in their recovery journey.

Inpatient & Outpatient Programs

We have strong relationships with inpatient facilities and outpatient programs for substance use disorder treatment. We understand that not every treatment approach is right for everyone. We’re here to help, whether a patient has tried another program before or not. At CleanSlate, we meet our patients wherever they are on their recovery journey with no judgment.

Community Mental Health Centers

Community mental health centers provide comprehensive mental and behavioral health treatment and identify gaps in care. Many community mental health centers lack sufficient resources to treat clients with co‐occurring substance use disorders without a trusted partner. We are honored to work alongside these providers to bridge access to quality care.

Behavioral & Mental Health Providers

CleanSlate offers mental and behavioral treatment support alongside medication‐assisted treatment for substance‐use disorder. We partner with trusted mental and behavioral health providers in the communities we serve to ensure our patients always have access to the full spectrum of care they need to overcome their addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment Providers

Many of the communities we serve have limited resources for treating substance use disorder. That’s why our development team continually analyzes data to determine where we can have the greatest impact. We partner with other medication‐assisted treatment providers, including methadone/Opioid Treatment Programs, in some of the areas we serve to offer expanded appointment options to patients. We recognize the disease of addiction does not discriminate and we can only end it when we all work together.

Detox Programs

Detox programs can help many people struggling with substance use disorder, but they’re not always the right solution for everyone. We partner with detox programs to provide patients an alternative for substance use treatment. Often, detox programs refer patients who wish to try medication‐assisted treatment to CleanSlate. We are always willing to work alongside other programs and providers to ensure patients have information and access to different treatment options.

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